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Sight Word Practice, Activities, Sentences, Games, Books, Science of Reading High Frequency Words

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Sight Word Practice, Sentences, Games, Books, Science of Reading High Frequency Words

Grab this as part of our Sight Word MEGA Bundle

It includes:

  • This Endless Sight Word Unit
  • Sight Words by Phonics Skills
  • Sight Word Activity Books


All Science of Reading Aligned, low prep, and student favorites!


This is a GIANT BUNDLE of Sight Word Activities files you and your students will love.


Your Sight Word Practice just became so much better with this huge file of printables, activities, centers and so much more. Each sight word included has its own separate file with 71 pages of activities! Perfect for kindergarten, first grade, and beyond.


🎉😍👏🏾. BEST SELLER on TpT with over 7,000 teacher reviews! 


Each sight word has ITS OWN FILE that is 71 PAGES and includes:

  • traditional printables
  • word mapping printables
  • decodable sight word books (vertical and horizontal & with dots and without)
  • cut and glue printables
  • sight word word search
  • sight word picture search and find
  • cut and glue sentence activities
  • sight word cut and color the letters together
  • high five words to display or put in a notebook
  • sight word fishing
  • word wall card
  • dotting/bubble activities
  • sight word art pages


The activities in this bundle with work with each word at the SOUND LEVEL, WORD LEVEL, and SENTENCE LEVEL! Woohoo!


These Sight Word Activities are Science of Reading Aligned. 

  • Cut and glue activities have sounds together, for example in the word this is broken down as th-i-s.
  • Sight word books include decodable words (mostly CVC words).
  • Includes word mapping pages where students can really understand and manipulate the sounds to make each word.
  • You can easily draw hearts above the sounds the students don’t know to make them heart words.


This is an ENDLESS BUNDLE. Endless meaning that all books that Simply Kinder creates in the future will be added to this bundle.


It currently includes over 230 BOOKS!

  • Prepimer Words (all words)
  • Primer Words (all words)
  • First Grade Dolch Words (all words)
  • First Grade Fry Words (all words)
  • Color Words (red, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, white, black, brown, orange, gray)
  • Number Words (zero, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten)


 Wondering what words are specifically included in this set?  Here’s a list in alphabetical order:

a, about, after, again, air, all, am America, an, and, another, any are, as, ask, at, ate, away, back, be, because, been, before, big, black, blue, book, books, boy, bring, brother, brown, but, by, called, came, can, can’t, cannot, cat, change, cold, come, could, dad, day, dear, did, do, does, dog, down, each, eat, eight, end, every, fast, favorite, find, first, five, fly, for, four, friend, from, fun, funny, gave, get, girl, give, go, goes, going, good, got, gray, green, had, happy, has, have, he, help, her, here, him, his, home, hot, house, I, I’m, if, in, into, is, isn’t, it, its, jump, just, keep, know, large, let, like, little, live, long, look, looking, lots, love, made, make, man, many, may, me, mom, more, must, my, need, new, nice, nine, no, not, now, number, of, off, oil, old, on, once, one, only, open, or, orange, other, our, out, over, own, park, part, people, pick, pink, play, please, pretty, purple, put, ran, read, red, ride, right, round, run, said, same, sat, saw, say, see, seven, she, should, sit, six, sleep, small, so, some, soon, stop, take, tell, ten, than, thank, that, the, their, them, then, there, these, they, think, this, three, through, time, to, today, too, two, under, up, us, use, very, walk, want, was, wash, water, way, we, well, went, were, what, when, where, which, white, who, why, will, with, word, words, would, write, yellow, yes, you, your, zero


Price is calculated at $4 per 71-page unit or word.


Please note – these files are stored in Dropbox and Google Drive. They are stored on my accounts, so you do not need an account to access them.


Great Teacher Reviews:

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ “This is such an amazing resource! I love having everything I could need in one place for the sight words instead of having to scramble between a bunch of other resources. Thank you!”

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ “I absolutely love this resource and use it every week. The printable books are fantastic to send home for the kids to keep and practice with parents or siblings. The “endless” feature is amazing and she does indeed update it. I highly recommend this.”

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ “I can’t believe how much is in this resource! I have more than enough to teach full group then use parts of the resource for intervention and independent practice. My students love the consistency of the games (less explaining the directions each time) and the engaging work.”


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