Endless Decodable Readers with Word Work



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Endless Decodable Readers with Word Work

Looking for the perfect decodable readers and activities to use with your class?  Simply Kinder has you covered with this endless set.

Included in this resource is one individual, 70+ page resource PER decodable book.  Each book has a cover page, a keyword warm-up page with decodable words & sight words, and a 6-page story focusing on a phonics pattern.

Individual Decodable files will be available for $5 each.

Decodables come in these formats:

  • traditional decodable reader, horizontal orientation with words and pictures
  • picture-less decodable where students can draw or glue in pictures
  • foldable decodable book, no cutting or stapling
  • full-size decodable books in black and white and color

Small-Group Aides Included:

  • student keyword cards with clipart of decodable word and the word itself (comes with and without sight words)
  • student warm up card to practice focus decodable pattern and sight words from the story
  • word wall-sized word cards to use at your small group table with picture support and without
  • student decodable cards, these can be put in baggies or stapled to make a practice book, these come in several versions including with words and pictures and with picture and no words

Word Work Printables Included:

  • Tapping Words, students will tap the sounds and write the word (includes the exact number of taps on printable)
  • Tap Color Write, students tap and color in the number of sounds they hear before they write the word
  • Cut and Glue Activities, multiple printables to match the key decodable pictures to the words

Centers and Activities Included:

  • Picture Cards for decodable words in color and black and white
  • Center Card for those picture cards to draw it, tap it, write it, and build it
  • Making Words letter tiles to make the decodable words in the story
  • Clip Cards matching the picture to word and word to picture for decodable words
  • Four in a Row Partner game using decodable words
  • Foldable Word Books in several versions including writing the word for the picture shown and glueing the word for the picture shown

Print and Digital.  All Decodables and Word Work comes in print and some come in Google and Seesaw formats too.  Seesaw is really neat because it includes pre-loaded voice directions and your students are asked to record themselves reading the story back to you.

These books are stories and not repetitive text. Books are organized by spelling pattern and currently include:

  1. Short A – Dan and Tam
  2. Short A – Stan Can Nap
  3. Short A – Nat the Bat
  4. Short E – Deb the Vet
  5. Short E – Meg the Hen
  6. Short E – My Red Jet
  7. Short I – Fin Digs
  8. Short I – The Big Rip
  9. Short I – Zip is Six
  10. Short O – Mom’s Box
  11. Short O – The Fox
  12. Short O – The Hot Pot
  13. Short U – Fun in the Tub
  14. Short U – My Bug
  15. Short U – On the Bus
  16. CVCe – A – The Lake Date
  17. CVCe – I – The Hike
  18. CVCe – O – The Lost Bone
  19. Digraph SH – She’s Wish

This resource is ENDLESS.  This means that as we add new decodable sets to our store and this line they will be automatically included.  We are currently working on adding more CVCe and digraph books.  We plan on growing this bundle to include multiple books for each pattern you teach so you have a selection for your students.


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