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Sound Wall with Mouth Pictures | Science of Reading | Sound Wall Activities

Phonics and Phonemes – Sound Wall with Mouth Pictures – Simply Kinder Sound Wall

❤️ This all-encompassing bundle includes high-quality mouth photos of diverse kindergarten students and will support your students in the journey going from speech to print. These resources are Science of Reading aligned, include practice activities for kindergarten and first grade, and will improve instruction for all students.


Simply Kinder has been on a journey to better understand the research behind the Science of Reading and how to improve instruction for all students. One of the recommended tools for improving reading instruction of sounds. By focusing on the sounds the letters make in detail students can gain a deeper understanding of reading.


This is a combination of two bundles: Sound Wall with Mouth Photos Bundle and Alphabet Printables with Mouth Photos.


The Alphabet Printables Bundle currently includes:


  • Alphabet Printables with Mouth Photos Print and Seesaw – 4 printables with the mouth photos. Each letter has students rainbow writing the sound, identifying the sound in pictures, and writing the sound. The mouth photo encourages students to say the sound while they work with it. There are 2 upper case pages and 2 lower case pages.
  • Alphabet Wall with Mouth Photos – Included in this bundle is a set of color alphabet wall cards that has real photos. Each card is 10.8 by 5.04 in size and includes an engaging initial sound photo, the letter in a traditional font, and an image/s of kindergarten students making the sound.
  • Sound Brochures with Mouth Photos (EDITABLE) – One brochure for each of the 44 English sounds as well as q & x. Each brochure includes 6 pages with these sections: cover with sound and keyword, how to make the sound with a real mouth photo, words that have the sound (some words start with the sound and some have it in it), find the sound (find and color the pictures), voiced and unvoiced identification, parent tips, and tricks – explaining all the things, fun activity like a maze, completing a picture, or rainbow writing, how to write the most common spelling, home link to do something fun at home with the sound.
  • Sound Interactive Notebooks – Each sound comes with a sound identifier to color for the section of their notebook, mouth photo for correct formation with high-quality resolution and using real kindergarteners in the photos, keyword where students can flip that part up and draw the keyword you use OR draw the keyword provided on their own, identifying if the sound is voiced or unvoiced, sound sort where students identify words that have the sound in it, and spelling pattern cards (2 sets to pick from). Interactive Notebook pages print 3 per sound but glue onto 2 pages (front and back or side to side). Sounds included are the 44 English sounds as well as schwa, x, and q (so a-z and a bunch more). This resource comes in a BEGINNING AND ADVANCED SET. The beginning set is intended for kindergarten-age students and only includes the spelling patterns most commonly reviewed in that grade. The advanced set includes the most common spelling patterns in the English language per current Science of Reading and lists them in order of most frequently used.
  • Alphabet Mouth Photo Cards | Articulation Photos with Real Photos – Show your students photos of how to make the sounds with these great photo cards.


The Sound Wall Bundle currently includes:


  • Vowel Sound Wall – Everything you need to set up your vowel valley with lots of options!
  • Consonant Sound Wall – Everything you need to set up your consonant wall with lots of options!
  • Sound Wall with Spelling Cards – A different style of photo options for your sound wall than the two above.
  • Sound Wall Labels and Icons – This file contains all the labels (such as vowels and consonants, stops, etc) and icons (such as voiced and unvoiced). The labels are clipart and not real photos.
  • Basic Phoneme (or Sound) Cards – These photo cards are approximately 6 by 4 and have all 34 phoneme mouth formations. In the lower right-hand corner, there is text with the grapheme (letter) for that picture. These print two to a page and come in color and black and white.
  • Phoneme Cards – Similar to the Basic Phoneme Cards, but these cards come with the letters on them and are a little bigger. You get to pick from 3 different options on what you want on these cards. They range from just printed letters to icons for voiced and unvoiced. These are perfect for your sound wall if you have lots of space or are great for whole or small group instruction.
  • Phoneme Cards (letters only) – When displayed with the articulation photos, these cards will help your students to associate the letter with the sound.
  • Spelling Pattern Cards – Included in this bundle is a set of color phoneme-grapheme cards. Each card has a real photo to match that is engaging. The cards come in two size options 10.6 by 4.1 and 5.8 by 4.1. There are also two card options to pick from for graphemes (letters/letter patterns) – the full set and the kindergarten set that has only the most common we work with in kindergarten. For example, the long vowel for a only includes a_e, not ay, ai, etc.
  • Spelling Pattern Picture Cards – In this file we give you 107 pictures, one for each spelling pattern for each of the 44 phonemes. When you are teaching short you will have a picture of a cat but when you are teaching short e you will have a picture of a ten and a head. Another example is when you are teaching the j sound, you will have words like bridge, gem, AND juggle. At this level, it’s not about teaching them different spelling patterns BUT about recognizing and exposing them to words that have that sound NOT just that initial sound. Very powerful.
  • Individual Sound Charts – This file is 140 pages and includes every option you could possibly want in an individual sound wall. Want to focus on just kindergarten sounds? We got you. Want to use real mouth pictures on there? We got you. Don’t see an option you need, let us know and we will add it.

As we create resources with the mouth photos, we will add them to this bundle (so there most likely will be more to come).

Please note, these files are uploaded as individual files and not one big, hundreds of pages document because this file features LOTS of real photos. Upon purchase, you will get access to these files in our Google or Dropbox drives.


Is this resource aligned with the Science of Reading?

This is a question we get asked a lot. The Science of Reading is a body of work that is not complete. At Simply Kinder we have been learning about the Science of Reading since 2019 and have done hundreds of hours of professional development, conferences, and training in research-based literacy. (It’s personal to us). We have extensive training in Orton-Gillingham approaches and have seen it work firsthand.


So, is this resource aligned? Yes, it is aligned with what we know and believe to be the best practice for what we currently know about the Science of Reading.


Teacher Reviews:

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ “This is way more than just a sound wall. It also includes lessons, student activities, explanations of how to make each sound, keyword words for each sound, etc. The sound wall mouth photos are some of the best that I’ve seen (most accurate mouth placement). I highly recommend!”

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ “I purchased another sound wall, but liked this one better!! The pictures are beautiful, I love the real kid lips in all skin tones, and the simple, clean label cards. Beautifully and thoughtfully put together!!”

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ “I’m a speech-language pathologist and was able to use the mouth pictures in my office for my articulation therapy. I organized them a little differently on my bulletin board but use it as a daily warm-up with a small mirror and it has been fantastic. The kids love it and really look at the pictures for how to produce their sounds. It is so helpful especially at this time while we have to wear masks.”

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Jennifer Kadar – Simply Kinder – Kindergarten – First Grade – Preschool

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