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Science of Reading Bundle: Sound Wall, Decodable Readers, Partner Plays, & MORE



Yes, this resource is available in the Simply Kinder + Printable Membership!


Science of Reading Bundle: Sound Wall, Decodable Readers, Partner Plays, & MORE

The ultimate Science of Reading Bundle is here! Get Science of Reading aligned Sound Wall, Decodable Readers, Partner Plays, Phonics Skills for Sight Words, & MORE!


Check out everything includes in one MEGA Savings jam-packed bundle. Total Value Over $750!


Decodable Readers, Passages, Books & Word Work, Science of Reading Decodables:


Looking for the perfect decodable readers with phonics word work activities that align with the Science of Reading?  Simply Kinder has you covered with our endless set of decodables.


Download the PREVIEW to learn more & get a FREE Short A complete set!


Included in this resource is one individual, 70+ page resource PER decodable book.  Each book has a cover page, a keyword warm-up page with decodable words & sight words, and a 6-page story focusing on a phonics pattern.

Individual Decodable files will be available for $5 each.


Decodables come in these formats:

  • traditional decodable reader, horizontal orientation with words and pictures
  • picture-less decodable where students can draw or glue in pictures
  • foldable decodable book, no cutting or stapling
  • full-size decodable books in black and white and color


Small-Group Aides Included:

  • student keyword cards with clipart of decodable word and the word itself (comes with and without sight words)
  • student warm-up card to practice focus decodable pattern and sight words from the story
  • word wall-sized word cards to use at your small group table with picture support and without
  • student decodable cards can be put in baggies or stapled to make a practice book, these come in several versions including with words and pictures and with pictures and no words


Word Work Printables Included:

  • Tapping Words, students will tap the sounds and write the word (includes the exact number of taps on printable)
  • Tap Color Write, students tap and color in the number of sounds they hear before they write the word
  • Cut and Glue Activities, multiple printables to match the key decodable pictures to the words


Centers and Activities Included:

  • Picture Cards for decodable words in color and black and white
  • Center Card for those picture cards to draw it, tap it, write it, and build it
  • Making Words letter tiles to make the decodable words in the story
  • Clip Cards matching the picture to word and word to picture for decodable words
  • Four in a Row Partner game using decodable words
  • Foldable Word Books in several versions including writing the word for the picture shown and gluing the word for the picture shown


Print and Digital.  All Decodables and Word Work comes in print and some come in Google and Seesaw formats too.  Seesaw is really neat because it includes pre-loaded voice directions and your students are asked to record themselves reading the story back to you.


These readers are stories and not repetitive text. Books are organized by spelling pattern so they can weave into YOUR scope and sequence easily and not in this order (even though numbered here in the listing).


Currently included:


  1. CVC Short A – Dan and Tam
  2. CVC Short A – Stan Can Nap
  3. CVC Short A – Nat the Bat
  4. CVC Short E – Deb the Vet
  5. CVC Short E – Meg the Hen
  6. CVC Short E – My Red Jet
  7. CVC Short I – Fin Digs
  8. CVC Short I – The Big Rip
  9. CVC Short I – Zip is Six
  10. CVC Short O – Mom’s Box
  11. CVC Short O – The Fox
  12. CVC Short O – The Hot Pot
  13. CVC Short U – Fun in the Tub
  14. CVC Short U – My Bug
  15. CVC Short U – On the Bus
  16. CVCe A – The Lake Date
  17. CVCe A – The Big Game
  18. CVCe A – Jane’s Cape
  19. CVCe I – The Hike
  20. CVCe I – Mike’s Bike
  21. CVCe I – My Kite
  22. CVCe O – The Lost Bone
  23. CVCe O – Sick at Home
  24. CVCe O – My Rose
  25. CVCe U – The Cute Mule
  26. CVCe U – My Sis June
  27. CVCe U – My Flute
  28. Digraph CK – Bad Luck
  29. Digraph CK – Nick’s Fish
  30. Digraph CK – Rick is Sick
  31. Digraph SH – Shep’s Wish
  32. Digraph SH – Dash’s Big Bash
  33. Digraph SH – In A Rush
  34. Digraph CH – Chad at Lunch
  35. Digraph CH – Chet Bakes
  36. Digraph CH – The Chest
  37. Digraph TH – We Like Math
  38. Digraph TH – Bath Time
  39. Digraph TH – The Big Thud
  40. Digraph WH – Whit’s Day (New Jan 2023)
  41. Digraph WH – Where is it? (New Jan 2023)
  42. Digraph WH – Wes the Whale (New Jan 2023)
  43. Digraph NG – We Like to Jam (New Jan 2023)
  44. Digraph NG – Bee Sting (New Jan 2023)
  45. Digraphs (Mixed) – My Mad Sis (New Jan 2023)
  46. Digraphs (Mixed) Let’s Munch (New Jan 2023)
  47. Digraphs (Mixed) Ben the Whale (New Jan 2023)
  48. Long EE – The Street
  49. Long EE – My Feet
  50. Long EE – The Reef
  51. L Blends – Sloths
  52. L Blends – The Big Slide
  53. L Blends – The Blimp
  54. R Blends – Let’s Run
  55. R Blends – My Big Trunk
  56. R Blends – My Prize
  57. S Blends – Make Smores
  58. S Blends – My Pet Snake
  59. S Blends – My Pup Spot
  60. W Blends – Me and My Twin
  61. W Blends – Pigs
  62. Vowel Team AY – Play Time (New Jan 2023)
  63. Vowel Team AY – Pay Day (New Jan 2023)
  64. Vowel Team AI – My Pet Snail (New Jan 2023)
  65. Vowel Team AI – My Pain (New Jan 2023)
  66. Vowel Team AI – The Stain (New Jan 2023)
  67. Vowel Team OE – My Toe (New Jan 2023)
  68. Vowel Team OA – My Pet Goat (New Jan 2023)
  69. Vowel Team OA – Boat Ride (New Jan 2023)


This resource is ENDLESS.  This means that as we add new decodable sets to our store and this line they will be automatically included.  We are currently working on adding more CVCe and digraph books.  We plan on growing this bundle to include multiple books for each pattern you teach so you have a selection for your students.




⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ “Wow, just WOW!! If you have been searching for decodables WITH word work activities AND center activities, then you NEED this resource! This resource also aligns very nicely with the science of reading approach, which is a huge plus! I highly recommend this bundle!!!


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ “Just started using this resource with my students and they love it! I especially love the variety of activities that I can choose from for each vowel. I send home the books for them to draw their own pictures after we read it together in class and work on the picture matching cut and paste activities during center time. Thank you for making such a bountiful endless resources for decodables. This is a real game changer!”


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ “As a newbie to SoR , this resource is amazing and well worth the price! The Word Work activities that support the decodable are so helpful! Thank you for creating such great resources that we can just print and run with!”



Science of Reading Sound Wall Kindergarten, Sound Walls with Real Mouth Photos:


This all-encompassing bundle includes high-quality mouth photos of diverse kindergarten students and will support your students in the journey going from speech to print. These resources are Science of Reading aligned, include practice activities for kindergarten and first grade, and will improve instruction for all students.


Check out the PREVIEW to learn more!


Simply Kinder has been on a journey to better understand the research behind the Science of Reading and how to improve instruction for all students. One of the recommended tools for improving reading instruction of sounds. By focusing on the sounds the letters make in detail students can gain a deeper understanding of reading.


Look no further for the all-encompassing Sound Wall & Activities Bundle:


This is a combination of two bundles: Sound Wall with Mouth Photos Bundle and Alphabet Printables with Mouth Photos.


The Alphabet Printables Bundle currently includes:


  • Alphabet Printables with Mouth Photos Print and Seesaw – 4 printables with the mouth photos. Each letter has students rainbow writing the sound, identifying the sound in pictures, and writing the sound. The mouth photo encourages students to say the sound while they work with it. There are 2 upper case pages and 2 lower case pages.


  • Alphabet Posters with Mouth Photos – Included in this bundle is a set of color alphabet wall cards that has real photos. Each card is 10.8 by 5.04 in size and includes an engaging initial sound photo, the letter in a traditional font, and an image/s of kindergarten students making the sound.


  • Sound Brochures with Mouth Photos (EDITABLE) – One brochure for each of the 44 English sounds as well as q & x. Each brochure includes 6 pages with these sections: cover with sound and keyword, how to make the sound with a real mouth photo, words that have the sound (some words start with the sound and some have it in it), find the sound (find and color the pictures), voiced and unvoiced identification, parent tips, and tricks – explaining all the things, fun activity like a maze, completing a picture, or rainbow writing, how to write the most common spelling, home link to do something fun at home with the sound.


  • Sound Interactive Notebooks – Each sound comes with a sound identifier to color for the section of their notebook, mouth photo for correct formation with high-quality resolution and using real kindergarteners in the photos, keyword where students can flip that part up and draw the keyword you use OR draw the keyword provided on their own, identifying if the sound is voiced or unvoiced, sound sort where students identify words that have the sound in it, and spelling pattern cards (2 sets to pick from). Interactive Notebook pages print 3 per sound but glue onto 2 pages (front and back or side to side). Sounds included are the 44 English sounds as well as schwa, x, and q (so a-z and a bunch more). This resource comes in a BEGINNING AND ADVANCED SET. The beginning set is intended for kindergarten-age students and only includes the spelling patterns most commonly reviewed in that grade. The advanced set includes the most common spelling patterns in the English language per current Science of Reading and lists them in order of most frequently used.


  • Alphabet Mouth Photo Cards | Articulation Photos with Real Photos – Show your students photos of how to make the sounds with these great photo cards.


The Sound Wall Bundle currently includes:


  • Sound Wall with Spelling Cards – Deepen your students’ understanding of sounds by organizing them onto a sound wall. Each of the 44 phonemes has a mouth formation and sound spelling card with keyword picture. We give you a full spelling pattern set and a kinder set too but they are sticky note yellow so you can easily cover patterns you are not teaching. This comes with a kindergarten sound wall version and a full or advanced option as well. It’s everything. you need for kindergarten and beyond!


  • Sound Spelling Cards – These are just the sound spelling cards.
    Each card has spelling patterns listed in order of frequency and an engaging keyword nonfiction photo. It also comes with a full spelling pattern set OR kindergarten set that focuses only on spelling patterns typically taught in kinder (ie. the long vowel for a only includes a_e, not ay, ai, etc.). Cards come in sticky note yellow to cover spelling patterns you are not covering (or have not covered yet) and white. Sizing is 10.6 by 4.1 and 5.8 by 4.1, so they are different sizes in the Sound Wall above.


  • Teacher Tip Cards (NEW) – These are new and currently only available in this bundle. Each phoneme has a tip card with the proper mouth formation in photos and words, keyword pictures, any quirks the sound has, and spelling patterns. The spelling patterns are in order by most frequently, including sample words, and generalizations on when to possibly use that spelling pattern.


  • Spelling Pattern Picture Cards – In this file we give you 116 pictures, one for each spelling pattern for each of the 44 phonemes. For example, the sound k has spelling patterns c, k, ck, and ch. We give you one picture for each of those spelling patterns. And then we give them to you in different sizes to use. At this level, it’s not about teaching them different spelling patterns BUT about recognizing and exposing them to words that have that sound NOT just that initial sound. Very powerful.


  • Sound Wall (Just the Labels) – This file contains all the labels (such as vowels and consonants, stops, etc) and icons (such as voiced and unvoiced). The labels are clipart and not real photos.


  • Individual Sound Charts – This is a huge file that includes every option you could possibly want in an individual sound wall. Want to focus on just kindergarten sounds? We got you. Want to use real mouth pictures on there? We got you. Don’t see an option you need, let us know and we will add it.


  • Phoneme Cards – These cards are great for showing students the proper mouth formation for each sound. You get to pick from 3 different options on what you want on these cards. They range from just printed letters to icons for voiced and unvoiced. These are perfect for your sound wall if you have lots of space or are great for holding during whole or small group instruction to show correct formation.


Partner Plays, Decodable Readers Theater for Kindergarten:

Students will love to practice decoding and fluency with these fun Partner Plays. Each play comes with several play formats as well as play accessories. Perfect for small groups or centers.


Included in this download:


This is a bundle of our Partner Plays. The play itself is 2 pages in length and focuses on phonics skills like CVC words or digraph EE (keep reading to see the plays included).


Each play is its own downloadable file with lots of options including:

  • Easy to read Partner Play that focuses on one phonics skill (like CVC words or EE).
  • Each play comes with warmup activities to practice the sight words and decodable words contained in the text.
  • Full-size play format with highlights and without. Words are nice and big and easy to follow.
  • Half-size play format with highlights and without. Copy back to back and fold in half. This format also includes 2 comprehension activities.


Each Play also comes with Play Accessories:

  • Character Hats to wear to help students identify as the character
  • Character Tags they can wear or just have on their table to identify as the character.
  • Play Scene where students can act out the play with puppets (color and black and white).
  • Play Character and Props cut-outs that students can use on their play scene.


Each Play also comes with accompanying printables to extend the learning:

  • Tap and Write with key decodable words
  • Cut and Glue Pages where students match picture to word and word to picture.
  • Four in a Row Partner Game where students practice reading focus words.
  • Multiple Choice Comprehension Pages, with pictures and without for differentiation.
  • Open-Ended Comprehension Question Pages where students write the answer in a sentence.
  • Writing Paper with the scene images on them to write about their play openly.


This BUNDLE currently includes:


  1. CVC – Dad’s Bag
  2. CVC – Fun in the Sun
  3. CVC – The Rat
  4. CVC – The Vet
  5. CVC – The Zoo
  6. CVCe A – Fun at the Lake
  7. CVCe A – Let’s Bake
  8. CVCe I – Bike Ride
  9. CVCe I – The Bride
  10. CVCe O – The Note
  11. CVCe O – The Rope
  12. CVCe U – Lunch with June
  13. CVCe U – Rat’s Tune
  14. CVCE (all sounds) – The Kite
  15. CVCe (all sounds) – We Can Skate
  16. Digraph EE – The Bee
  17. Digraph EE.- Time for Bed


Teacher Reviews:

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ “This is absolutely AMAZING! My kids I have used it with were SOOO EXCITED! Great product and low prep!”

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ ️️️“These plays are a great way to engage kiddos. It’s a creative way for them to showcase all of the skills they have been working on throughout the year. I loved the way my students used their voice and fluency. It was super fun to watch!”

️️️️️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️“I’ve been looking for a way to incorporate drama into my class and this is PERFECT! I love how the students are able to showcase their individuality and creativeness while also practicing important literacy skills we have been working on. Partner Plays will quickly become one of my favorite activities to do in class. THANK YOU!”


Sight Words By Phonics Skill, High-Frequency Words Practice:

Did you know that most sight words ARE DECODABLE? That’s right. If you are teaching the word ME, why not teach the word BE, HE, WE, SO, and GO?  Or when you are teaching the short a sound, why not teach the words SAT and HAD?  By understanding why these words say the sound they do in them, students can apply that skill to all of the other words they encounter with it!


So we are taking a deeper dive into the Fry, Dolch, and other common sight words lists to find the patterns so you can teach your students how to actually decode them and get those high-frequency words under their belt SO MUCH FASTER!  Woohoo!


➡️Learn more in the PREVIEW and get a FREE Sample to try out first!


Included in this bundle is:

This is the bundle for our Sight Words by Phonics Skills sets.  Each set is focused on one spelling pattern or generalization/rule.  Teach your students the pattern or rule and then watch them decode ALL the high-frequency words with that pattern.


Each pattern includes a separate 70+ page file with these resources:

  • Parent letter explaining the pattern and lists the words.
  • Poster for the spelling rule or generalization or pattern.
  • Word Lists in 3 different sizes and in color and black and white.  These include the main rule for that group of words.
  • Decoding Cards with how to map them on the back in two sizes – one for class and one to send home.
  • Word Mapping Printables
  • Half page printable where students can circle the patterns and/or highlight the consonants and vowels different colors.
  • Fun printables like rainbow coloring, spin and write, cut and glue, search and find, color by code, and more.
  • Sentence printables where students will fill in the decodable sentences and another where they write their own.
  • Cut and Color words for all of the words in fun patterns on the list.
  • Two foldable books that review the words, the pattern, and a quick fun activity.  These books fold into fourths.
  • One half page book filled with activities for the group of words including mapping, the reviewing the rule, and checking off the word once they know it.
  • Pocket chart cards in full size for your wall and in mini size so students can have a set.
  • Assessment pages with the rule and without.  We also include a key with words and sentences to dictate.


Can you do this AND  “heart words”?

YES! many lists include challenge words that will stretch what your students can do. For example, in our Open Syllable set there is the word she. If your students have not learned the SH sound yet they could put a  HEART over the SH so you can tell them it’s a skill that is coming but for now, they just have to know it by heart. Hearts should be done sounds they have not learned yet – hence DECODING sight words.


Thought: This is a lot different? Can I DO IT? How will I know and how will I explain it to families?

We have you covered. We give you the phonics rules, spelling patterns, and generalizations. You just teach those to your students and use the words on the list. We even give you a family letter to explain the why and how for each spelling pattern.


This bundle currently includes:

  • CV Open Syllable CVC
  • Closed Syllable Short A CVC
  • Closed Syllable Short E CVC
  • Closed Syllable Short I CVC
  • Closed Syllable Short O CVC
  • Closed Syllable Short U
  • Digraph TH Sound
  • CVCe Silent E Long A
  • CVCe Silent E Long I
  • CVCe Silent E Long O
  • Sound Long E Spelled EE
  • Sound K Spelling CK
  • Floss Rule (doubling f, l, s, and z)
  • Whiny A (nasal a sound after m, n, and ng)
  • & MORE TO COME!!


Bonus: Science of Reading Family Letter & Reading Strategies Bookmark & Posters


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