Kindergarten Word Kit



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Included in this download is:
We have been working on this word kit FOREVER and are so excited about. Here’s how it works, you print the word sets you need and store them in the boxes so you can easily grab those words when you need them.
Need pre-primer words for one group – boom! Need short a words for another group – boom! Need long vowel words for another group – BOOM!
This box will help you with small group activities, whole group activities, and filling time whenever during the day.
Each set comes two ways – print on 2 by 4 labels or print on card stock and cut. Print the pictures on the back and they become self checking!
~ Letter & Sound Review
~ Short A
~ Short E
~ Short I
~ Short O
~ Short U
~ Long A
~ Long I
~ Long O
~ Long U
~ EE
~ SH
~ Digraph Words (combo of digraphs)
~ Pre-Primer Words
~ Primer Words
~ Dolch First Grade Words
~ Fry 1-50
~ Fry 51-100
Let us know what word set you need and we will do our best to add them for you.
Also will come with cover options for the storage container and labels. Both are editable.
Each game fits in the Large Photo and Craft Keeper storage box (click here) as shown in the images for this resource. The bin holds 16 interventions, we give you more so you can pick and choose what you want to include in it. (You can also find them at Walmart for about $15).
Due to file size, these files are stored off-site. Upon purchase you will get a link to our Google Drive and Dropbox accounts. You do not need an account to access these files. Resource is for one classroom use only. Thank you.
Jennifer Kadar – Simply Kinder – Presidents Day – Kindergarten


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