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Literacy Intervention Kit Centers & Activities, Kindergarten Small Group


Kindergarten Reading Intervention Kit – Literacy for Small Group Activities

Support literacy skills with this endless kit of activities intended for small groups or interventions. Perfect for preschool, kindergarten, and first-grade students working from letter recognition, decoding, CVC, and much more!

Grab the UPDATED best-selling literacy intervention kit with 25 new small group activities added in to better support your student’s needs. 

Included in this download:
All of our Kindergarten Intervention Activities for literacy. These activities are intended for you to use during small groups or interventions one-on-one or small groups. It currently includes 42 activities:
  1. Rapid Recall Alphabet
  2. Alphabetical Order Cards
  3. Beginning Letter Sound Cookie Match
  4. Beginning Sound Strips
  5. First Sound Playing Cards
  6. Ending Sound Strips
  7. CVC Folded Words
  8. CVC Onset & Rime
  9. CVC Rapid Recall
  10. CVC Rhyming Clip Cards
  11. CVC Sentence Matchups
  12. CVC Short Vowel Spin-a-Word
  13. CVCe Folded Words
  14. CVCe Onset and Rime
  15. CVCe Rhyming Clip Cards
  16. CVCe Spin-a-Word
  17. Blend Pizzas (new 2023)
  18. Blends Simple Sentece Matchups (new 2023)
  19. Digraph Ice Cream Scoops
  20. Digraph Picture Sort
  21. Digraph Simple Sentences Matchup
  22. Digraph Spin-a-Word
  23. Vowel Teams Clip Cards (new 2023)
  24. Vowel Teams Spin-a-Word (new 2023)
  25. Ending Sound Playing Cards
  26. Fluency Pyramids
  27. Letter and Number Sort
  28. Letter, Word, Sentence Sort
  29. Long EE Simply Sentences
  30. Middle Sound Playing Cards
  31. Orthographic Mapping Cards
  32. Phoneme Segmentation Cards
  33. Printing Practice Cards
  34. Say It, Make It, Write It Sight Word Cards
  35. Say It, Make It, Write It CVC Word Cards
  36. Sequencing Task Cards
  37. Short and Long Vowel Picture Sort
  38. Short Story Comprehension
  39. Short Vowel Middle Sound Sort
  40. Upper and Lowercase Letter Sort
  41. Word Family House Mats
  42. Word Family Houses


All of the activities will be different in what they include. Each game includes an activity cover page and direction page that will give you ideas on how to use it including differentiating. (We taped those to the inside cover of the color bins).
Each activity will be sold separately for $3. This will be an ENDLESS bundle meaning that any future Literacy Intervention Activities in this line will be automatically included as free updates.
Each game fits in the Large Photo and Craft Keeper storage box (click here) as shown in the images for this resource. The bin holds 16 interventions, we give you more so you can pick and choose what you want to include or make multiple boxes.
These files are stored on our Dropbox and our Google Drive. Upon purchase, you will get a link to the files. Please download the files completely before you print them.
Teacher Reviews:
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ “This pack is wonderful because it includes so many skills. I use it for small groups, intervention groups, centers, and assessments. I love that once they are printed and laminated all I have to do it grab what I need. I keep them in the box seen in the picture, and it makes my planning time easier. For assessments all I need to do is grab what I need and use with my students, no printing or prepping needed. There are enough cards in each set that I can differentiate a little with my students as well.”
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ “My students love using the pieces of this resource. I love that it is a fun and interactive way to work on interventions. This resource and the way she showed us how to organize it is so beneficial and easy for me to grab what I need and get to work.”
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ “This is such a gold mine of a resource. Each time that I go back to the files for a phoneme or word family small group, I am always delighted at the options remembering all that is contained in this bundle. The middle sound activity is great for teaching small groups. I didn’t use the label kit, but these are perfectly sized.”
File Format: PDF – please download it fully to your computer and open using Adobe.
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