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Alphabet Crafts & Printables Notebooks


Total Pages: 405
File Size: 64 MB


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Total Pages: 405
File Size: 64 MB


Alphabet Crafts and; Printables Notebooks

Traditional Print and D’Nealian included.


Included in this download is:

This Alphabet Notebook is the perfect blend of crafts and printables. Your students will adore the lower case alphabet craft and get the just the right amount of practice with the matching printables.

Staple into a big alphabet book, do each letter into it’s own book, or use pages individually. The choice is all yours.

Each letter includes:

Cover page to glue craft on.
Coloring page (if you don’t want to do the craft or even if you do.)
One page craft using lower case letter.
Letter outlines to decorate.
Bubble map to brainstorm.
Vocabulary page to pick 4 words and write them (cut-outs provided.)
Vocabulary page to draw a picture and write word for your own words.
Rainbow writing page with print practice.
Handwriting page with lots of practice.
Story starter to collect ideas and write about one or all of them.

Alphabet Crafts come with two options:
1. One letter craft on a page where kids can color, cut, and glue together.
2. Construction paper crafts where you print on the different colors and the kids cut and glue together.

Use this download in 3 ways:

Print individual activities and do them separately.
Staple into letter books and do one letter at a time.
Staple into a giant alphabet book and include all of the pages you plan on using. (You can even add your own.)

**** Comes in traditional print and D’Nealian – D’Nealian has the student writing pieces in D’Nealian only. The bubble letters and directions are in traditional print. ****


Are you looking for just the crafts?
Alphabet Crafts – Lower Case


Jennifer Kadar – Simply Kinder – Kindergarten – First Grade – Preschool


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