Arctic Animals Unit Kindergarten Research w/ Crafts, Close Reads, & Writing

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Arctic Animals – This is an Arctic Animals Research Book includes research elements and a craft for 5 animals.

Arctic Animals Research Book: Dive into a World of Discovery!

Unlock the wonders of the Arctic with our Arctic Animals Research Book—a captivating blend of research elements and creative crafts for five fascinating animals.

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Close Reads & Research Reports with Crafts Bundle

Included Arctic Animals:

  1. Polar Bear
  2. Arctic Fox
  3. Snow Owl
  4. Walrus
  5. Penguins

(Note: Penguins are not Arctic animals but are included for comprehensive learning.)


What’s Inside:

  • Close Reading Passage: Immerse students in the world of Arctic animals with engaging close reading passages.
  • Cover Page: Choose from several cover options to integrate penguins seamlessly into your cold weather animal study.
  • Graphic Organizers: Foster structured research with thoughtfully designed graphic organizers.
  • Writing Page Options: Encourage creativity with multiple writing page choices.
  • Craft: Bring learning to life with a hands-on craft activity for each animal.
  • Color Photo of Sample Project: Showcase finished projects to inspire and guide students.
  • Title Page for Each Animal: Personalize your book with crafted or colored title pages.


How to Use:

  1. Select Pages: Choose the pages that best suit your instructional needs.
  2. Organize: Assemble your selected pages into a book format.
  3. Copy: Make copies using a standard copy machine.
  4. Staple: Allow the copy machine to staple them together effortlessly.


Personalize and Enhance:

  • Make it Your Own: Add wiggly eyes, pipe cleaners, and other craft supplies to personalize the projects.


Why Choose Our Arctic Animals Research Book:

  • Engaging and Comprehensive: Close reading, writing, and crafts in one resource.
  • Versatile: Customize your book to suit your unique teaching style.
  • Easy Integration: Seamlessly include penguins for a well-rounded study.


Don’t miss this opportunity to make learning about Arctic animals an unforgettable adventure! Grab your Arctic Animals Research Book now

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