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Blending Card Bundle – Short and Long Vowel Blending Cards

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Blending Card Bundle – Short and Long Vowel Blending Cards


Included in this download is:

This is a growing bundle of BLENDING CARDS for short and long vowels.

This set INCLUDES: Short A, Short E, Short I, Short O, Short U, Long A, Long E, Long I, Long O, Long U

Each set will include EIGHT different styles.

– Word and Picture
– Word Only (no markings)
– Word (dots under)
– Word (line with arrow under)
– Word (dots and line with arrow under)
– Matching Pictures (to copy on back of above cards)
– Word with Picture (picture folded over so students can open up answer)
– Student Flashcards (great for centers, sending home to practice, putting on a binder right, these are word on one side – picture on the other)

Long Vowels: The cards that have dots or arrows as support are chunked to have each sound represented. For example, on the card with just the word JEEP it will appear as JEEP. But the cards with arrows and dots, JEEP will appear as J EE P to help the kids blend the sounds appropriately.

Picture cards come in color and black and white. They also come with a variation for different printer settings.

Word cards are the length of a paper horizontally and fit perfectly in most pocket chart slots.


Jennifer Kadar – Simply Kinder – Kindergarten -First Grade

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