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If you are talking about Autumn or Fall then this is the unit for you. This interactive learning journal will guide you through activities that explores what happens this time of year. Decide which activities you want to do, staple them into a fun book and go! Students will be immersed learning about the season with lots of fun activities!

Some activities include: finger tip leaves for an autumn tree, a squirrel hiding nuts underground, Thanksgiving dinner, what it looks like outside your window in the fall, and much more!

These books lend themselves very easily into already established curriculum OR just add nonfiction books and you have engaging lessons to match what you read!

These journals are intentionally NOT NUMBERED so you can include other activities OR just exclude activities I provided. (I highly suggest numbering the pages when you decide how you want the book to be.) You truly can make this unit what you need it to be. I print these books and just add nonfiction books. =)


Jennifer Kadar – Simply Kinder – Kindergarten – Preschool – First Grade


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