Five Senses with Potato People

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Five Senses with Potato People

Senses with Potato People Interactive Learning Journal from Simply Kinder!

Looking for some fun activities to teach the 5 senses, then this is the product for you.

Assemble this Interactive Learning Journal into a book on your copy machine. Pair with some great nonfiction books and you are good to go.

Journal Includes:
– A cover page for a potato boy and girl. You can make a Mr. or Mrs. Potato Person
– A complete potato person put together. Start with the head and then add the senses as you go. Potato pieces with options for students to pick which ones they want on their potato person. Also a page of extra pieces to glue on at the end just for fun.
– 5 sense each has a cover page with an emergent sentence and potato to glue or draw that one sense.
– 2 activities per sense. Most of these are not cut and glue, they are actual activities that will include feeling, tasting, smelling etc. {So items will need to be added to complete the activities. Most you most likely already have in your classroom or kitchen. Baby food is one you may not have.}

Download the preview to see samples of the activities.

This book goes great when doing any 5 Senses curriculum.


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