Kindergarten Assessments – Checklist Assessments

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Kindergarten Assessments – Checklist Assessments | Kindergarten Assessments Printables


Included in this download is:

Kindergarten Checklist Assessments are a great collection of checklists to keep student data organized from Simply Kinder! Checklists are editable!

Keeping class checklists helps to keep track of what students know so you can easily target in on those skills that each individual student is missing. They will help your small groups be more efficient and your report cards be smoother (as you already have the data on hand.)

Each checklist includes a standard and directions. They also include the student pages to read to match the checklists! Each class has 27 student capacity (but you could easily shrink or increase the checklist to match your class size.)

Checklist Data Tracking Sheets for the following skills (secured and editable versions of all):

letter naming
letter sounds
letter writing
letter naming fluency
beginning, middle, and ending sound isolation
concepts of print
first sound fluency
letter naming fluency
phoneme segmentation fluency
nonsense word fluency
oral reading fluency
counting (aloud and objects)
number identification
number writing
color (id and words)
shapes (2 and 3 dimensional)
2 blank checklists

– Traditional print and D’Nealian for student pages only (not checklists)

Please note:

– DIBELS checklists include just one example page of words, sounds, etc. and not DIBELS directions or scoring cards. Use the checklists to track your scores using their assessments.

– This is not a cute product! In order to fit a whole class worth of data on one page for the entire year, there is no room for cutesy clipart or fun!


File Format:

– Unlocked PowerPoint where you can key in student names, change data points, make your own checklists.
– Locked PDF if you want to just print and hand write.



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