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Kindergarten Spelling



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Kindergarten Spelling – Kindergarten Spelling Program


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Editable Word Lists with Printables


Included in this download is:

Three separately sold resources.

Simply Spelling set 1, 2. and 3!

Each set includes 10 weeks of spelling activities for a total of 30 weeks of spelling activities. That’s 30 WEEKS OF SPELLING!

Each week includes:
– Several options of lists to send home.
– Pocket chart cards
– Wall cards (full size posters per word)
– Rainbow word mats or play dough mats to go into centers
– Lots of activities such as Roll a Word, handwriting, and Read it, Write it, Glue/Stamp it.

Each list includes 2 Red Words (Stop and Think or sight words) and 3 Green Words (Go Ahead and Sound It Out.) The words scaffold so they become familiar with short vowels… starting with short a for several weeks and then moving to short o, i, e, u throughout the 30 week program.


Jennifer Kadar – Simply Kinder – Kindergarten – First Grade – Preschool


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