Partner Up for Fun Partnering System

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Partner Up for Fun Partnering System is a fun organized way to establish partnerships in class that are not dull and boring! $ from Simply Kinder!

Here’s the concept.. you number your students desks or chairs. Those are a permanent thing. Then you display a poster that says “odd/even” or “1’s & 2’s and 3’s & 4th.” You then interchange fun pictures so 1’s and 2’s are now Steak and Lobsters!

I have done this with my kinders for years and they love it! It also can spice up an older elementary partnering setup. It’s so easy and the kids love it!

This set includes:

– Directions on how to set up.
– Poster for your wall to display partner names. (7 options)
– Desk numbers (2 options)
– 96 partnering pictures which will name your students fun things like steak and lobster, burgers and fries, eggs and bacon, salt and pepper, and much more!

I do partnering all day long but especially during my literacy lessons! This has helped to bring some easy, organized fun into our room and I know you will love it if you implement it!


Jennifer Kadar – Simply Kinder – Kindergarten – First Grade – Preschool



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