Penguins Kindergarten Activity Book

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Penguins Kindergarten Activity Book


This is a simple story where each page has some sort of interactive activity from Simply Kinder! Add nonfiction books to this unit and you have a week’s worth of activities for your class!

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Included in this Penguins download is:

Comes with craft cover and easy print cover option as well. Concepts are kept general enough that you can really guide the conversation however you want!

how penguins sleep
how many types of penguins there are
what penguins eat
what penguins do for fun
why penguins waddle
where penguins live
how long penguins can stay under water
how penguins stay warm

Also includes sample photos for the activities.

Cover options:
1. Cute penguin craft showing in picture.
2. Print and color option (cut out in shape of penguin or in a square.
3. Put blank page on cover and kids glue on the craft.

Students will love learning about penguins and the concepts will really have meaning as they complete the activities in the book.

Jennifer Kadar – Simply Kinder



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