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Popcorn Words

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Total Pages: 58
File Size: 615 KB


Popcorn Words Pre-Primer Sight Words Pack – Practice Pages & Assessments. Whether you call them popcorn words OR just regular old sight words… this is the set for you!

In this set you will get:

1. One worksheet for each sight word with a popcorn theme.
Students will:
– write the word
– find the word multiple times in a popcorn maker
– Write a sentence with the word (or more space to write the word again.)

2. An assessment set
– a sheet for the student to read from
– a sheet to track what students know by student
– a sheet to track what students know by class
– a student chart to record own growth – color in the popcorn for words know.

BONUS: Color Words! All of the above is included for color words as well!

Several blank pages are included so if there is a random word you need to add you can write in.


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