PRESALE: Endless CVCe Word Word for Google and Seesaw - Simply Kinder

PRESALE: Endless CVCe Word Word for Google and Seesaw

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PRESALE: Endless CVCe Word Word for Google and Seesaw
The PRESALE is December 30th and 31st. We are offering this resource at 50% off the bundle price on those days. No files are included just yet but they will be added in shortly. The themes will follow the same as our other Endless Digital Sets! (YAY) Please reach out if you have any questions.
This is an endless bundle of all of our google slides kindergarten CVCe words – meaning any resources in this line we create in this line will be included will be included.
This is CVCe digital resource for Google Classroom™, Google Slides™, and Seesaw.
Included in this download is:
Themed CVC Resources: 7 slides of activities per theme. Includes matching words to pictures, building words, typing words, and finding words in a word search. Current themes include…
  • Kids in the Winter
  • Snowmen
  • Sledding Kids
  • Winter Trolls
  • Winter Moose (Google & Seesaw)
  • Winter Hedgehogs (Google & Seesaw)
  • Polar Bears (Google & Seesaw)
  • Penguins and School (Google & Seesaw)
  • Love Frogs (Google & Seesaw)
  • Love Llamas (Google & Seesaw)
  • Love Super Kids (Google & Seesaw)
  • Love Moose (Google & Seesaw)
We plan on creating these throughout the year. All of these themed addition resources will be included in this bundle. Google activities will be posted first, sometimes Seesaw will take a few extra days. Please download again to get the most current activities.
Want to see if this resource will work for you? Click here to try our CVC sample.
Please contact us at with any suggestions or requests. We can adjust this file to meet your needs.
PLEASE NOTE: This file is a PDF with links to copy the Google Slides activities to your Google Drive. You do not need to give us access to your Google Drive to access these files.
Jennifer Kadar – Simply Kinder – Kindergarten -First Grade


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