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School Germs: Easy Readers + No Prep Bundle


School Germs – Easy Readers
School Germs- No Prep Activities
Bundle & Save these two must-have back-to -School Resources!
Buy the Easy Reader as part of a BUNDLE and save!
Included in this download is:
Four 6 page easy reader about School Germs.
~ Hand Washing – a book about the steps to wash hands
~ The Best Me Germ-Free – a book about things like not picking your nose and not putting your hands in your mouth.
~ We Clean Germs – a book about things in the classroom to clean germs off
~ Wash Your Hands – a book about when you should wash your hands at school
The Reader is easy to read and the concepts are stated simply. The story is also very appropriate for little learners with special attention paid to getting the point across without giving details that are not appropriate for little learners.
School Germs No Prep Activities
Included in this download is:
Printables to talk about Germs at School. These activities reinforce:
– proper handwashing
– covering your mouth when you sneeze with your elbow
– not touching your face
– staying home when you are sick
– not going into your friend’s spaces
These activities included are:
~ germ vocabulary
~ germ close read
~ germ vocabulary word wall cards
~ washing your hand direction poster (2 versions – one with simple steps, one with more steps like using the towel to shut off the water)
~ germ awareness posters (5 posters addressing the above concepts)
~ wash your hand sequencing cut and paste
~ germ healthy habits cut and paste
~ How do germs spread sentence starters
~ Germ Plan – students write or draw how they will do the things
~ Healthy Habit coloring page – color the pictures that are healthy habits
~ Wash Your Hands When coloring page – color the pictures when you should wash your hands
~ Bread Germ Experiment printables (3 choices)
~ Hand Washing Sequencing pocket chart cards
~ Writing pages & Graphic Organizers (20 pages – 3 kinds with different line styles)
* These activities are designed to be used with rich conversations and supplemental to your germs unit.
Many items come in color and black and white.
Jennifer Kadar – Simply Kinder – Kindergarten -First Grade – Preschool

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