Silent E, Sneaky E, Long Vowel Printables and Activities

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Silent E, Sneaky E, Long Vowel Printables and Activities

Silent E Interactive Activities has the Super Hero E fly in to make the vowel say it’s name! This set uses 9 simple words throughout to get kids familiar with switching from a word with Super E to without. From Simply Kinder!


Five Activities: Start by making a Super E on a popsicle stick to fly in and out of activities.

– Super E Interactive Reader – Super E flies in. Write that word and glue in new word.
– Super E Interactive Flashcards – Fold the cards to go from the Super E word to without. (Both have pictures.)
– Super E Cut and Paste – Fly Super E in to change the word. Glue in the correct picture.
– Without Super E – Cross out Super E to see what word remains. Draw a line to that matching picture.
– Super E and Not – Match the pictures to the words with Super E and without.

Also included is Super E posters – one in color and black and white!

This is fun for teaching silent e, bossy e, or super e. No matter what you call it, it will get kids reading those long vowels. Activities can be used for small groups, whole group instruction, morning work, homework, & more!


Jennifer Kadar – Simply Kinder – Kindergarten – First Grade – Preschool



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