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Spring Activities – Spring Snap Block Center


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Spring Activities – Spring Snap Block Center

Get kids creating and counting some fun objects! Students use the task cards to copy an object with snap cubes. Next, they record the colors they used. And last they count how many snap cubes were used.


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Included in this download is:

Spring themed snap block math centers. Students use the task cards to create an object.

Task Card #1 – Has a clipart, the structure for the blocks, and a sentence including vocabulary and number of cubes sent. Blocks are to scale in this set.

Task Card #2 – Half sheet pages with clipart, snap block structure, and word. Blocks are not to scale in this set.

Each version comes in color and black and white. Also includes 2 recording pages.

Copy and give students to record on OR laminate and use the provided recording sheets. Sheets are provided in color for a permanent center or in black and white for kids to record right on.


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