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Success Stickers Bundle

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Success Stickers Bundle


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Brag Tag Alternative Bundle

Included in this download is:

This is our BUNDLE of Success Stickers – a Brag Tag alternative. What are Success Stickers? An easy to manage and low prep way to recognize your students.

Each set is 30 Success Stickers in color and black and white. You can print one page of all 30 stickers and have each student have a sheet to earn (just write their name at the top). Or one full page of stickers per concept so you can distribute them as you teach them.

The set currently includes:

– Literacy Success Stickers – Based off early childhood literacy standards
– Math Success Stickers – Based off early childhood literacy standards
– General Classroom #1 Stickers – General events, behavioral, expectations
– Events and Days – Picture Day, Valentine’s and many others!
– Character – Responsibility, Respect, Sun-Sational, Super Sharp and more!
– Alphabet Set – All 26 letters plus 4 extra alphabet stickers!

All the above topics also have individual stickers in case you just want to print one of the 30 included in those sets. We also have these individual sets that include these and more:
– lost a tooth,
– rainbow words (and all color lists)
– ELA buddy
– math buddy
– think pair share
– homework by quarter
– leader
– smart choices
– Great Pencil Challenge

Simply print the sticker sheets on 5160 (or equivalent) labels! It’s that easy!

Post them somewhere in the room, stick them on journals, or create sticker books of all the skills they are learning. Print an extra set for the kids to wear one home and share with their families what they accomplished that day.

Please note: These files are stored on Dropbox and Google Drive. You will get access to the stickers in the full sets of 30 (as shown in the picture above) and individual PDF’s if you just want to pull one sticker. When teachers request an individual file, we will add it to the individual section until we have 30 to create a new class set. =)

Files are for one classroom use only.

PLEASE NOTE: These stickers are very graphic heavy and have specific printing instructions. YOU MUST PRINT TO ACTUAL SIZE, NOT FIT TO SCALE. Please test one sticker first and make sure it works so you do not waste label paper. If you have trouble printing, please email me at [email protected] and we will help you get them working if you cannot.


Jennifer Kadar – Simply Kinder – Kindergarten

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