Twos Day Activities Kindergarten


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Twos Day Activities Kindergarten with BONUS Materials 

Tuesday, 2-22-22 is TWOs Day.  It’s a fun day to celebrate all the twos happening that day. You can even say TOday is TUESday, 2-22-22.

This resource includes editable parts so you can celebrate on 2-22-22 or 2-22-22.  The file must open in Adobe to edit. (Australian date format on the pages not editable because date is clipart provided at the end of the document, day-month-year instead of month-day-year).

Included in this unit are printables, crafts, and activities to celebrate the number 2:

  • Me On TWOs Day – all about me page
  • TWOs day is TOO Cool hat or crown
  • Number 2 craft with 2 eyes, 2 arms, 2 hands with 2 fingers each, 2 legs, and 2 shoes
  • It’s TWOs Day Easy Reader
  • TWOs Day Reading Passage – What is TWOs Day
  • TWOs Day vocabulary (color and black and white) – one page and word wall cards
  • TWOs Day Dress Up Flyer (tutus and ties or crazy sock option)
  • My TWO Cents easy opinions page
  • If I had $2 or $22, what would I buy writing prompts (multiple line styles)
  • TWOs Day Exercises – do 22 of these movement activities
  • TWOs Day Making Words printables
  • Ways to make 2 and 22
  • TWOs Day Hundreds Chart Hunt
  • TWOS Day Hundred Chart activities with the number 2
  • Find the Pairs Word Search Style
  • Pairs Sort Cut and Glue
  • Counting Pairs
  • TWOs Day Graphing
  • TWOs Day Addition (easy and advanced)
  • TWOs Day Heart 2 Spin number recognition activity
  • TWOs Day is TWO-RIFFIC writing pages
  • TWOs Day is “TWO” Cool/Fun Certificates
  • Write the Numbers February Calendar (3 options for differentiation)
  • February Cut and Glue Calendar (2 options for differentiation)
  • #2 Craft Calendar (3 options for differentiation)

All of the above activities are new and not included in any other sets on Simply Kinder.

2022 BONUS MATERIALS:  On Tuesday, 2-22-22 you will be doing lots of fun activities with the number 2 and we already have SO many resources with that number in it.  So we pulled OVER 50 PAGES of activities out for you to use with your students. (And with some we quickly made you a 22 as well too).  It includes:

  • #2 Writing Poem (poster, printables, craft)
  • #2 Snap Block Center
  • #2 Word-Art Pages
  • #2 Sight Word Printables
  • #2 High Five Hand and fishing center
  • Fine Motor Practice – Cut and Glue Word for 2 &22
  • #2 Star Sight Word Book (we quickly made some 22 as well too)
  • #2 Cut-and-Glue Sentences

This resource in total is 133 pages of activities, everything you need for a fun TWOs day with your preschool, kindergarten, and first-grade students.


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