100 Day Fun & Freebies Galore!

Hundred days is quickly coming up on us!  So many fun activities all packed into one day!  So here we go!

Dress up like you are 100!
 My friend Heather… an Ah-May-Zing teacher had her kids dress up like they were 100 years old!  She said I could share and so here is a fun little flyer to send home to get your kids to dress up like they are 100!  She put powder in their hair, encouraged them to dress an older age, and even brought a walker to use all day!  She said she tried to make eyeglasses for the kids out of pipe cleaners but it was not as easy is she thought it would be!  So instead she just passed around one set with a beard she brought in to take pictures with!  A neighboring teacher apparently got glasses for her kids at the dollar store though!  Super cute!

100 Box Tops!
  That’s right!  Our school has challenged us to get 100 Box Tops for the 100th’s Day!  An idea that I told our PTO president Shanda that she was cray-cray!  The next day I had a little girl bring in a giant bag of Box Tops… OK maybe it is possible!   I included in my weekly newsletter to just get as you can by that date and to have their aunt in California collect them, have their church collect them, or pretty much anyone who can help!  I myself looked in one cabinet and found 16!  So here is a freebie for you to collect 100 Box Tops as well!  I also gave it to your without the 100 day component so you can do it all year!  Free money dude!

Collecting 100 Items!  We all do, so I also included a freebie letter for that as well!  Each student is encouraged to bring in 100 small items to count on the 100th day.   I ALWAYS send home a 100’s chart with my students so they can organize them while they are collecting them to bring them in.

Hide 100 Small Chocolate Candies!  This is my favorite!  At lunch I hide 100 “Small Chocolate Candies” around the room.  We literally take our 100’s chart off the wall and just count in order as we find them!  I mentioned to some blogger friends and they suggested adding circle numbers on the bottom with the numbers on them.  That would be fun too as the kids have to match the numbers instead of counting in order.  So in the file I included a 100’s chart with these small chocolates on them for the kids to record which numbers they found before they put them on the big 100’s chart!

The kids really love finding them and love eating them after as well.   Oh – but they really love when they find the one or two that you could not find a few days later!

100’s Videos!  We do at least one or two of these each day but for the 100th we will do TONS of 100’s songs!

A fun song that the numbers are clear!
Get the kids up and moving!
Calm them back down with this fun song that is very catchy!
Count by 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s!  I let my kids rap it… boy those kids can get down and really get into it!
Dr. Jean pointing out the 80 is 8 tens!  Great for kinder today!
OK there you go!  Lots of 100 things to do… all for free!

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