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100th Day Hershey Kiss Hunt

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100th’s Day Hershey Kiss Hunt is a fun activity to do on the 100th day to reinforce numbers to 100!  So simple – you hide 100 kisses, the kids find them and record which numbers they found!  So much fun!



To do this activity, you will need 2 bags of Hershey Kisses.  (You will have a lot left over but you need 2 bags in order to get 100.)  You will write with Sharpie marker on the bottoms of the kisses the numbers 1-100.  Then you hide them!  I like to hide them during lunch time so I have enough time to get them spread out around the room without them knowing where I put them.  Slide1 Slide2


When they are finding them, they will read the number on the bottom of the Kiss.


Let it be known… there has not been 1 year that I have not been lost several Hershey Kisses!  So if you are able to find all 100 – YAY for you!

Click here to get these free printables on Teachers Pay Teachers.

What do you do to celebrate the 100th day?  Comment below!

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