100th Day Hershey Kiss Hunt

Are you looking for a fun 100th-day activity for kindergarten to do with your class? One of our favorite activities is to hide 100 candy around the room and put it on a 100’s chart! It’s a fun activity that will have students identifying numbers, matching numbers, and counting to 100. We even give you a fun free printable to use with your students.

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100th Day Hershey Kiss Hunt is a fun activity to do on the 100th day to reinforce numbers to 100.  So simple – you hide 100 Hershey Kisses around your room, the kids find them, and record which numbers they found.  So much fun! Here are more specific details and a free printable at the bottom you can do it in your classroom too.

We started by buying our Hershey Kisses. We got two of the SHARE bags – one bag had bout 70 Kisses in it so we needed two. We picked ours up at Walgreens for 2 for $7 but you can really get them anywhere. While at Target later that day we saw some that were red, pink and silver for Valentine’s Day, and sometimes those two days are very close together so that might be fun. The only requirement is no images on the bottom of the candy.

Next you will prepare your Kisses. We always just write the numbers with a Sharpie on the bottom but we have seen where some people put them on round labels and put those stickers on the bottom. We like to spend as little money as possible and do the least amount of prep so writing them on with a Sharpie is how we roll. You will always have extra Kisses too, we make sure we save those for class because we will need them.

Next, we hide them around the room. We usually do this activity after lunch so I have time to hide them all without them being out all day. Believe it or not, it’s really hard to hide 100 candies in your classroom. We usually put one in each of the student’s pencil boxes, a bunch where we store manipulatives, near books we love, and really anywhere students are allowed to access.

Next, we take our 100’s chart off the wall and find them. Students go search for them. Essentially, students will search for the candy around your room, record it on their personal 100’s chart (keep reading for the free printable), and then put it on the matching number on class 100’s chart.

There are some rules though.

  • Everyone gets their fair share. So if I have 25 students, each student gets to find 4. Once you have 4 you sit and wait at. your desk and encourage your friends to find more.
  • When each student has 4, we will search for how ever many left there are around the room. Those are fair game because at that point they are probably hard to find ones and I want them found. Each student can only keep one though and we have that bag of extras so everyone gets one extra too.
  • We walk. We don’t run.
  • We are respectful. If two people go for the same Kiss, we are kind to one another and know there are at least 4 for everyone. We talk about what we can say in that situation, “you go ahead” or “I’ll find another” are great ways to interact with one another when that happens.
  • We don’t eat the Kisses yet.
  • We don’t take Kisses off other people’s papers. Those ones are found and not fair game.

TEACHER TRUTH: Now, we have to be honest, there has not been a year where we are at least 1-2 Hershey Kisses short on our chart. Yup, we simply cannot find them. Hopefully, your class will be able to find them.

Free 100th Day Activity:

There you have it, a super fun 100th Day Activity for Kindergarten your students will love. You can grab the Free 100’s Day Candy Hunt Printable here by entering your information below and joining our email list. Already on our email list? No worries, we will email it to you if you put your email into this form. Or better yet, download it instantly as a member of Simply Kinder + here!

This article was written by Jennifer. She is a veteran kinder teacher who loves making learning engaging and fun.

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