101st Day of School

One of my favorite holidays to celebrate in Kindergarten is actually the 101st day of school! My students love it because it’s very unexpected. To make things extra special, in my district, with how the calendar runs, our 100th day is normally on a Thursday. That means we can celebrate the 101st on a Friday!

But you might be asking, what do you do on the 101st that you couldn’t do on the 100th day? Well, there’s one thing in particular that I think of when I think of the number 101.

Do you know?

Dalmatians of course!

We have a whole day of the 101 Dalmatians including the movie. We start our morning off with coloring to work on our fine motor skills.

101st Day of School

We watch a little bit of the movie and then I set up centers in the classroom. Each student rotates through the centers. I’ve done this during the movie or without before. I usually try to gauge how many of my students have seen it before. It’s getting to be a bit older now and not as many have seen it.

Center #1- Draw your own puppy. This step-by-step drawing shows the students how to create their own puppy. I put it in the middle and they get to practice drawing.

101st Day of School

Center #2- Origami Dogs! How can you fold and create your own dog? This fun way to fold and follow directions helps them practice creating straight creases 🙂

101st Day of School

Center #3- There has to be a writing station, too! What better prompt than “If I had 101 puppies I would…”? Or if you didn’t get to it on the 100th day you could offer “I wish I had 101 ….”

101st Day of School

The day isn’t over until you make a hat though! This is one of my very favorite hats to make of ALL time!

101st Day of School

You could even  take the day to the next level and dress up like Cruella de Vil like Hollie Hill from our Simply Kinder Teacher Group did!

101st Day of School 

My students had an absolute blast with all of our centers this year. They loved the step-by-step drawing activity and how to fold the puppies out of squares. I have seen quite a few adventuring illustrators around the room since we did these centers. That always makes my teacher heart happy!

This fun activity goes with:

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