5 Things Teachers Can Do Over the Summer

Summer is the time of year when teachers get to control their schedules.  We can wake up when we want, go where we want, and do what we want.  But all this free time gives us plenty of time to rest and to get ahead of the upcoming school year!  So here are 5 things every teacher can do to make the upcoming school year a little less stressful.

Free Pacing Guide that is editable.  Great for any grade level to plan out or pace your year.  Perfect for back to school.

1.  We can dig deeper and pace out our curriculum!  We know how many days we have in the school year AND exactly what content we need to cover, so why not plan it all out!  Get together with your team, get some margaritas, and pace out your year!  (Get your free pacing guide here.)

5 things you can do over the summer to prep for the school year!

2.  We can plan for our first week of school!  If you are anything like me, your teacher workdays before you get your students are filled with meetings.  So you can surely plan out that first week or two in detail and really come up with some great ideas.  (I highly recommend establishing strong rules and really practicing them!!!)

Free Writing Journals for Kindergarten.

3. ¬†We can print our journals and decodable books!¬†¬†Each year I spend some time over the summer¬†just copying. ¬†I make class sets of the books we send home to read (they are the decodables with our reading program.) ¬†I also print our writing journals for the year! ¬†It’s just nice to know that a good bulk of the copies we are 100% going to need are done and out of the way! ¬†(Check out the free journals pictured above¬†here.)

Things teachers do over the summer.  If only the Care Bears could "Care Bears Stare" the clutter out of my cabinets!

4. ¬†We can reorganize¬†our cabinets or redecorate and reorganize our classrooms!¬† Let’s face it, during the school year the last thing we want to do after school or during our prep is clean out that back workroom or move a bulletin board. ¬†So the summer is a great time to go in one morning (if you are allowed) and clean, organize, and decorate! ¬†(I really wish some Care Bears would just come in and “Care Bears stare” all my file cabinets into order! ¬†Does anyone feel like their cabinets and shelves are organized and perfect?)

Pinning should be considered professional development for teachers!  =)

5. ¬†We can learn new things. ¬†Yes, you may attend a conference or professional development or two but the majority of our growth or expansion of ideas comes from the online world! ¬†We spend countless hours over the summer on Pinterest saving ideas we can use in our classrooms. ¬†We also read blogs and other websites to stay current. ¬†You may even do a book study or two (this year is’s The Classroom Management Book and Daily 5 in our Facebook Teacher Group!) ¬†The summer is a great time to find out what’s happening in classrooms all over the world!

Yes, resting and relaxing is on the schedule, but with all this free time we teachers cannot help but get ahead! ¬†Head on over to see how else you can use some of your “time off” to get ahead!

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