Amazon Prime Day Deals for Teachers

Calling all teachers looking to save money as they prepare for the next school year! Amazon Prime Day is coming!! July 12 and 13 will have tons of deals for teachers! Are you looking for the best ones?  Simply Kinder has you covered with all the details and deals!

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What is Prime Day?  Prime Day is a day when special deals are only available to Prime Members. If you are not a Prime member, you should be.  Especially if you are a teacher!

What are the benefits of being a Prime member?  Many items are available next day delivery which makes getting those things you need so convenient.  You also get access to their video and music library which has some great shows for school!  They also have lightning deals all year that are great savings for everything from your house to your classroom!  It’s really a great little membership program.

How do I become a Prime member? Click here to sign up.  You can do the 30-day free trial to get started!

We have some tips for you too!

  • Prime Day deals are fast, and items will run out quick.  If you see something you like, DON’T WAIT.  Put it in your cart and check out fast. They call them lightning deals for a reason!
  • Shop by UPCOMING DEALS.  Go to this Amazon Prime Ad Page and on the left-hand column there are some checkboxes that say Availability – upcoming, missed, and active.  Sort by upcoming to be able to see those deals coming soon.  
  • Add items to your watchlist and wishlist.
  • Use the app, and turn your notifications on.
  • Watch the deals leading up to Prime Day.  (Keep reading and we will update the deals as we see them).

That being said, here are some deals we are currently seeing, and some items we are keeping an eye out for!

Please join us in on our Facebook Group for the most current deals!  Here’s what we have found so far:

(Note: some may be expired or sold out)


Older deals to check out:

Fire 7 Tablets –
Echo Dot with Smart Plug-
Electric Pencil Sharpener
Food Storage Containers –
Mini Projector –
Dry erase blocks –
Color Dough –
Magnet Shapes (upcoming) –
STEM Builders (this is cool) –
Another cool STEM –
Sharpie Markers –
Geometric Shapes –
Teacher Created Resources Magnetic Labels –
Kids Scissors –
Scotch Student Scissors –
Instant Ink Printer –
Rolley Cart –
Dry Erase Marker Boards –
Dry Erase Erasers –
Sharpened Pencils –
Cricut (maybe a deal?) –


Amazon Echo Dot (save 50%)
 Sharpie Electropop Markers (save 44%)
Crayon Sharpener (31% off)
X-ACTO Pencil Sharpener (53% off)
All-Purpose Rolling Cart (save 44%)
Magnetic Building Blocks (like Magnaformers) (lightning deal)
Alphabet Magnets (early access deal)
Dry Erase Blocks (23% off)
Common Core Objective Cards (super affordable)
Crayola Take Note Colorful Writing Set
Ticonderoga Sharpened Pencils (34% off)
Mr. Sketch Smelly Markers (add on deal too good to pass up)


 Lakeshore or Learning Resources Items – always need new centers
Personal Laminator– everyone needs one at home
Laminating Sheets– I can never pass up this deal
Instant Ink Printer – my printer is going to be done soon
Epson Eco Tank Printer – they just look cool
Kindles – You can usually find these for $29.99 during Amazon sales
Flexible Seating – there are many options!  Who knew
Boogie Boards – these are a fun way to write
Dry Erase Clipboards – oh, I love these
Rainbow Cart Organizer – always on the lookout
So what did early childhood teachers buy on day one of Prime Day 2021?  Here’s our top list; some may be on sale still, some may not.  Good luck finding those deals friends!
  1. Scented Markers
  2. Most Amazing Building Blocks
  3. Playdough 
  4. X-ACTO Pencil Sharpener
  5. Dry Erase Blocks
  6. ABC Magnets
  7. Flair Pens
  8. GeoBoards
  9. STEM Learning Lab


(they may or may not be on sale still)

Fire 7 Tablet:  ($29)
 Magnaformers: (5:00-ish)
Circuit Deal of the Day:  ($194)
Echo Dot:  ($29)
InstaPot: ($58.99)
Alphabet Rug: ($44!?)
laminating pouches – ($12.49)
Play-Doh 24 Pack – ($12.43)

Fingers crossed we find great deals during Amazon Prime Day!  We will be sharing on our Facebook Page and in our Teacher Facebook Group!  Be sure to join us there.

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