Bat & Spider Videos for Kids

It’s that time of year again! Many of us are teaching about bats and spiders in our classrooms. Your students are going to LOVE these (mostly non-fiction) Teacher Approved Bat & Spider Videos for kids.

They are packed with incredible pictures and videos of real spiders and appropriate vocabulary that will challenge your kindergartners to learn something new about them every day of your unit!

This activity goes well with these resources:

All About Bats for Kids by Free School (5:32)

This is a wonderful video stating many facts about bats while showing many real photos and videos of bats. Your students will beg to see this video again!

Teacher Approved Bats & Spiders Video List for Kids

This video would be perfect to show while doing our Bats Kindergarten Interactive Book.  This fun shaped book is loaded with facts and each pages has an activity for the students to practice that skill.

Bats Kindergarten Interactive Story loaded with facts about bats and activities to reinforce the skills.

Bats Kindergarten Interactive Story loaded with facts about bats and activities to reinforce the skills.

Baby Bat Burritos by Wakaleo (2:23)

Oh my gosh, this is the cutest video of baby Flying Fox Bats that were rescued after being separated from their mother. In this video, you will see the many of the features of bats up close and you will even hear sounds from these adorable baby bats.

Facts about Bats by OBC Bats (7:38)

This video is a must see for any student learning about bats. This video is packed with facts about bats but it also discusses the special features of bats from all over the world.

3 Fun Facts About Bats! By SciShow Kids (3:47)

This fast paced video states many facts about bats but focuses on echolocation, how a bat hangs upside down for so long, and baby bats. Your students will definitely extend their knowledge bats after watching this short video.

Bats- Myth Busted: The Dr. Binocs Show by Peakaboo Kids (3:13)

This video is an animated cartoon that tells the truth in many myths about bats. This video is a must if during your brainstorming prior to beginning your unit on bats your students replied with “They are blind….and blood sucking.”

This video will go perfect with our Nonfiction Readers about Bats.  This is a 6-page book provided in color and black and white as well as in full page for you to read to the class and half page for the kids to read along.  It comes with some matchig writig activities so you can really stretch it across the curriculum.  All using these amazing real photos.

Bats Nonfiction Reader from Simply Kinder. This book uses real photos and easy text for the kids to understand. Perfect for preschool, kindergarten, and first grade.

Vowel Bat sand by Shari Sloane by Alicia Valle (3:44)

And you know I had to include this one…it includes 0 facts and or real life pictures or videos about bats but it is a great review for reviewing vowels and their initial sounds…and the kids love it!

Don’t Be Afraid of Spiders! By SciShow Kids (4:07)

This video is perfect for comparing insects and spiders. It discusses the unique parts of a spider that help in its survival. This video is very faced paced which I love for keeping the students’ attention (I swear they don’t blink the entire 4 minutes) but it is a lot of interesting information. I would suggest showing this video your students more than once, especially if you plan to discuss the contents in it.

Spiders: Animals for Children by All Things Animals (2:34)

This short video lists many interesting facts about animals using real life videos. The videos are truly fascinating and a must see for all children learning about spiders.

Spiders (Discovery Channel) by NatureChannel7 (4:03)

Here is another video packed with facts all about spiders. In this video, you will see short clips of videos that show spiders in action.

Amazing Facts About Spiders by Wildlife Facts (2:32)

This video shows amazing still pictures of spiders while stating many facts about spiders. This video would be perfect for pausing so your students can see all of the unique spiders of many different kinds of spiders.

19 Facts About Spiders by MocomiKids (2:34)

This is an animated video stating 19 spider facts all kindergartners will love to know. This video will need to be narrated by an adult.

So, did I miss including any of your favorite bat or spider videos? Let us know in the comments.

Teacher Approved Bat & Spider Videos List for Kids
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