Beach Ball CVC Printable and Paper Plate Craft

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As the weather gets warmer it’s hard to keep from dreaming about summer vacation. I love beach themes near the end of the school year. Water play days are especially fun in kindergarten. Keep the spirit of summer alive in the classroom as the kiddos continue to work on CVC words and prepare for 1st grade. In this beach ball themed activity, the students will make a paper plate beach ball craft with dot markers. Then they can practice CVC words with the free Free Beach Ball CVC Printable.

Beach Ball CVC Printable and Paper Plate CraftBeach ball paper plate craft and free CVC printable for kindergarten

In the last weeks of school, I like to do a beach theme that culminates in a special water play day. We read books about the beach and ocean, study ocean animals and learn about different beaches in the world. The kids get to choose a book to keep to kick off their beach reading. We have a ton of fun! Simple crafts like this beach ball activity keep the kids excited.

Beach Ball CVC Printable and Paper Plate Craft

Easy Beach Ball Craft Supplies

1 paper plate per student

Dot markers

Permanent marker to draw beach ball lines


The beach ball paper plate craft is pretty easy to make. Get ready by drawing the beach ball lines on the paper plate beforehand. I used the bottom of a cup to make the circle and then drew the lines coming out from that.

Beach Ball  Paper Plate Craft

We used dot markers to fill in the different colors. For some students I put one dot of the color they should use in each section. For others, I just display the example at the front for them to follow. They have a blast each time we try a new craft with the dot markers. There’s something about bumping the marker down each time that they just love.

Beach Ball CVC Printable and Paper Plate Craft

For the Free Beach Ball CVC Printable, I had the kids continue to use the dot markers. For each word, they have to mark the beach ball that has the letter from the word in the sun. They could also color or circle the words too.

Beach Ball CVC Printable

What are your favorite summer themed activities to do at the end of the year?


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