We are in LOVE with BOOM LEARNING and we know you are going to be too. That being said, if you are here, it is because you have some questions on how Boom Learning works or need some troubleshooting help. Please look through here and reach out if you can’t resolve whatever is going on.

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How do I sign up for a Boom Learning account? According to Boom Learning website, you can get a 90-day free trial. Click here for details from Boom Learning direct on that. After your free trial, you can join for a very low annual fee.

Why do we LOVE Boom Cards?

Slides with Simply Kinder consistently have audio directions by STUDENTS not an adult, written directions so a passerby can see what they are doing, and visual cues for the students on how to use the system.

How do you set up your class in Boom? This video covers everything you need to do.

How do you assign the deck to your students? There are several ways to assign Boom Decks to your students.


  1. Go to your Library tab.
  2. Decide the deck you want to work with.
  3. Pick the


  1. Go to your classes tab.
  2. Select your class on the left hand column.
  3. Select assignment. It’s the middle option in the horizontal row.
  4. Select Assign More Decks. This will allow you to search for new decks or access decks you already purchased. If you purchased a Boom Deck from Simply Kinder, you should have received a link to access your boom deck in the PDF download.
  5. Checkmark the box next to the Boom Deck you want to assign to your students.

How can you see reporting on your students?

We circled able the Reports tab. Here you can see all sorts of data on your students and class.

Can Boom Cards be assigned in SeeSaw & Google Classroom?

Yes, you can assign Boom Cards to your students in however they cannot play the deck in those platforms. You assign the link and when they click it they will be taken over to the Boom Learning website or app.

There are two ways to assign Boom Cards:

  1. Hyperplay Link – Students are required to log in when you use this link. You will also get reporting when students participate from this link.
  1. Fast Pin Link – Students are not required to log in. The link is only good for 14 days from a premium account and 5 days from a free account. No student reports are generated including knowing if they completed the card set.

To get either of these links, go to your Library, select the deck you want, click the arrow, and select the link you want. Copy and paste. (There is a green star on the Library image above).


  1. Go to your Google Classroom account.
  2. Under classwork pick Create Assignment.
  3. Write it a title, type instructions, due date, etc.
  4. Underneath instruction select ADD and then pick LINK from the dropdown. Insert the desired link and pick ADD LINK.
  5. Assign your assignment like normal.


  1. Go to your SeeSaw account.
  2. Click ADD and select POST STUDENT WORK from the dropdown.
  3. Pick LINK.
  4. Insert the desired link.
  5. It will load a preview. You can use the RECORD or CAPTION options in SeeSaw to add directions for your students.
  6. Click the GREEN CHECKMARK.
  7. Assign to ALL STUDENTS or specific students and pick GREEN CHECKMARK.

Do Boom cards work on Zoom?  Yes. Share screen and you can have the child control your screen to play the game. You can also have your students sign into their accounts when doing one-on-ones, then have the family share their screen so they can control it and you can see what they are answering.

I purchased your Boom Cards and I am saying I need to repurchase them on Boom? Help. This has happened to some teachers. I would suggest to make sure you are using one of the approved browsers (I use Chrome). Also make sure your browser is up-to-date. Next, try logging into Boom BEFORE you click the link to access the files. Sometimes this eliminates the issues. Another think to check is to make sure your pop-ups are allowed because it is a pop-up that will grant them to you. And then lastly, try restarting your computer as that has helped some teachers. And if these don’t do the trick, please contact me at [email protected] and/or Boom Learning direct at [email protected]. If you paid for the files, you should not have to pay for them again on Boom.

Can you assign only certain slides on Boom?

This can be a very helpful if you only want to assign certain activities from a deck as you are teaching them or want to assign part of a deck because completing the entire deck could be overwhelming.

Sign into your Boom Account. Click library. Click ACTION on the deck you are working with. Choose hide card option. A pop-up will appear that to inform you that this will effect all students. Click OK. Select the slides you want to hide. Skip the cards you don’t want to hide. When you are done hit BACK and OKAY to save the deck. (Hidden cards do not work in FastPlay, so be sure to fully assign the deck to your students). Hopefully that helps!

Hopefully this all helps. If you have any other questions, we can also help you these ways:

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