Christmas Ornament Parent Gifts

It’s the most wonderful time of the year again! The kids are always excited to make a gift for their parents, and so here are three different Christmas Ornament Parent Gifts we’ve made over the years.

All of these ornaments do need LOTS of adult help….but are perfect to work on during table station rotations or to do during small group time those last few crazy days before break!

This activity works well with these resources:

Christmas Ornament Parent Gifts

My kids always love everything reindeer so they always get very excited to make this ornament. Have the students fill their plastic ornament with brown crinkle shred paper. Using a glue gun, put a dot of glue onto the ornament for each eye and have the students carefully place a googley eye onto the glue. Place another dot of glue for the nose and have the students place it on a red pom-pom ball. Using one pipe cleaner, snip two one-inch pieces off of the end. Take the long piece and help the students wrap the pipe cleaner around the top hanger area of the ornament. Using the small two pieces, wrap one around each of the long pieces on the ends, turning them into antlers. Have the students use a paint pen to write their name on the back along with the year.

The other two ornament ideas involve paint so they do take a bit longer for allowing time for the paint to dry.

Christmas Ornament Parent Gifts

We’ve made these fingerprint light bulb ornaments a few times and they’re always a hit. I went with classic Christmas colors of red, green, and gold, but feel free to mix it up. Have the students fill their plastic ornament with crinkle shred paper. Each student dips their thumb into the paint to make the lights, washing their thumb in between colors. After the paint has dried, use a paint pen to draw the string to connect the lights and have them write their name and year as well.

Christmas Ornament Parent Gifts

Last but definitely not least is our gingerbread ornament.  I came up with this one since I adore everything gingerbread! Using a similar concept, fill the ornament with crinkle paper. Using brown paint, let the student use their thumb to make several bodies around the ornament. Learn from my mistake the first time and let the bodies completely dry. Then have the students go back and use a fingertip to make the head, arms, and legs. Let the paint dry. Using a white paint pen, have the students go back and draw the icing and face. Make sure to have them add their name and year.

To send the ornaments home, I give each student a lunch bag to decorate and I help them wrap their ornament in tissue paper and we staple the bag closed.

Christmas Ornament Parent Gifts

What has been your favorite parent gift that you have had your students make?

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