Crayon Sharpener Review

When I saw it, I knew I had to have it.  I knew we were meant to be!  And so, here is our honest teacher opinion; our Elmer’s Crayon Sharpener review.

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Check out this fun crayon sharpener! It takes a dull crayon and makes it fresh and new! Crayon Sharpener Review from Simply Kinder.

Ok moving on.  We saw this amazing Elmer’s Crayon Sharpener on Amazon about a year ago and fell in love!  So we quickly ordered it but it was on backorder for what felt like forever.  Until one day, it arrived and I feel like my life has not been the same since.

The crayon sharpener is extremely easy to use. I mean, if you can use a pencil sharpener, you can use this thing pretty easily.  We recommend peeling the paper off the crayons though, the sharpener part is made for crayons, not paper.

Check out this fun crayon sharpener! It takes a dull crayon and makes it fresh and new! Crayon Sharpener Review from Simply Kinder.

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You can see above in our before and after photos that the sharpener not only sharpens the crayon, but it does so so the tip looks like new.  How fun is that?!  Yes, smaller, but the crayon has the same structure as it did fresh out of the box!

Our crayon sharpener has been successfully sharpening crayons for about 2 months now.  Now, my crayon sharpener is not at school, it is at home.  I would not recommend allowing students to use the crayon sharpener just as I don’t allow them to use an electric pencil sharpener. They are just too expensive and break too easily.  But for teacher use, we give this two thumbs up!  Click here now to check it out and order yourself one!

And check out the crayon sharpener in action here on Facebook.

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