I am so excited about my cubby makeover I did last year!

I like everything to be bright and colorful and let’s face it… the first picture is dull and drab!


I started by putting a regular old name tag label (with no student name) on a normal size construction paper.  Then I laminated and cut them to size.  I used clear box tape to tape just the front of the paper down to the cubby (it went under the cubby below.)  Then when I get my student list I will print a 5160 set of classroom names and add those to the name tags.  Now this year I will just place the tag right over last years name.
I color coded them random for a purpose.  I thought they would look nice if they were all colors on one row or column but realized that they would be more functional if I spread them around.  So at the end of the day what I will say is… “If you have a red cubby please go get your things.”  This spreads the kids out instead of them all clumping at one end of the cubbies.  You can even color code them by tables if you wish.  I move my kids too much to do that and I really like their cubbies being the same all year.  You could easily reprint the 5160 labels thought and color code them.
You also may notice the buckets above my cubbies.  Here’s what’s in those buckets:
Blue – Dismissal Tags which you can click here to read about.
Green – First Aid Stuff so kids can help themselves.
Blue – Handy Wipes that come with our breakfast. We stockpile them!
Yellow – Class Wristbands which I use at recess so I can quickly ID my kids.
{I will post about those soon!  They are a must!}
My overall Central Management Bulletin Board is the hub of my classroom!
Hope everyone is enjoying the last days of summer if they have not gone back to work yet.  I personally don’t look at my ‘report back’ date until August 1st.  I just refuse to because it makes me sad.  I know I report back sometime the first week and it’s not the 1st.  Call me weird.  Plus I have Baby Brody’s first birthday on the 3rd so I really want to try to focus on him and his birthday instead of being sad that I don’t get to hang with him all day anymore.