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Apr 12, 2014 | Literacy, Management, Reading, September, Teacher Wisdom, Writing | 6 comments

It’s Bright Ideas time again!  So here’s an easy idea to help kiddos with the common error of switching d’s and b’s!
I actually have 3 doors in my small room!  Two of those doors we use every day.  So we now have a d door and a b door!  (We used to just have a d for door but now I made it a little harder for the kids!)
So I have to admit… taping a letter around your door knob is not the easiest thing!  You measure and think you cut correct and it just does not work.  So here’s a couple tips.
It’s easiest to lay it around the know and cut little snips.  SO here… I rounded the edge of one side just to see, placed it not eh door to see, and then snipped right where the purple arrow is.  Then I took the tape back off and cut a new curve where that snip was.
Once you have the letter figured out.. if you are doing a second door I would suggest just peeling off that tape and copying it!  SO here I just layer that same measured piece from above and cut one more piece exactly the same!  {Another tip would be putting the tape onto a table or shelf just while you are working with it.  Applying that pressure makes it much easier to cut!}
You could of course just use masking tape and wrap it around – duct tape is not as forgiving when you curve it!  I like to use the duct tape because it comes in all the cool designs that you can switch out with the season.  Not to mention that when you change the tape you have again drawn attention to the letters on the doors!
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  1. Teresa A Koontz

    I found this from Pinterest and I’m getting out the duct tape now 🙂

  2. Susan

    Best way to cut duck tape is to stick it to a large cutting board fresh from the roll, still with squared edges, but in the approximate shape you need it. Trim it into shape with an exacto blade or utility knife, carry the whole cutting board to the door, peel each piece and stick around knob.
    I use duck tape for lots of things… and this method lets you create lots of fun things… you can even trace shapes onto the duck tape with a pencil/pen and cut them out.

  3. Linda

    Genius, genius, genius! Such a simple way to reinforce what can be so tricky for some kiddos!

  4. MrsS

    Best. Idea. Ever! Totally doing this on Monday!
    Thank you!


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