December Learn to Write

Dec 17, 2019 | All Posts, December, Literacy, Winter | 0 comments

Do you expect your student to learn to write the month every month? It’s such a repetitive word in kindergarten – in calendar, on the board, and on their projects.  It’s very helpful for the kids to learn to write it and so we have these free December Writing Printables to help your students.

And if you are looking for even MORE monthly printables, we have a whole big set with lots of options including cut and glue!

Learn to write the months printables from Simply Kinder.  Teacher your students how to write the months of the year.

It includes: trace and write the month name, rainbow write month name, cut and paste the month name, write the month name on their own, and fill in the days for the month of the year. It’s 20 pages per month so you have lots of options and enough for the entire month.


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