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Earth Jokes for Kids

We all know that many kids love a good joke and so here is a list of teacher-approved Earth jokes for kids that your students will love.

Jokes are great for kindergarten students in so many ways. They build literacy through their oral language, often non-literal language, and through print if you post them.

Keep reading for a list of fun Earth jokes for kindergarteners!

This resource works well with these Simply Kinder resources:

Why are people tired on Earth Day?  They just finished a March.

Why did the leaf go to the doctor?  He was feeling green.

How can you tell the ocean is friendly. Because it waves.

How do trees get on the internet? They LOG in.

What kind of plant grows in your hand? A palm tree.

Why did the farmer plant seeds in the pond? It wanted watermelon.

What did the little tree say to the big tree? Leaf me alone.

What kind of bow cannot be tied? A rainbow.

What is a trees least favorite month? Sep-TIMBER

Why couldn’t a flower ride a bike? It lost its pedals.

What kind of hair do waves have? Wavy.

Why did the sun go to school? To get brighter.

What do trees drink? Root beer

We wanted to give you a download of some of our favorites too so you can easily share them with your students.

DO YOU HAVE A JOKE TO SHARE? Let us know in the comments so other teachers can share them with their students too.

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