Easy Gifts for Your Teaching Team

Dec 13, 2016 | Christmas, December | 2 comments

Easy & Fun Christmas Gifts for your Teaching Team.

Are you looking to get a gift for your teacher teammates?  Simply Kinder has you covered with these fun Easy Gifts for your Teaching Team.

Easy Christmas Gifts for your Teaching Team.

1.  Take care of your teaching teammates sore feet with this collection of pampering items.    Idea from Pretty in Providence.

2.  Teachers love lip balm, so tell them they are the bomb with this free tag and their favorite lip balm from Simply As That.

3.  You might need a nice cocktail after teaching in December, and Something Turquoise has you covered with this adorable little spirited Mason Jar drink.  (You may not want to take this one to school, though, LOL).

4.  Everyone loves some fancy soap.  Here’s an adorable tag to attach from Michelle Paige Blogs.

Easy & Fun Christmas Gifts for your Teaching Team.

5.  Fuel your friends Target addiction with a little gift card and this adorable card from Landeelu.

6.  Teachers need chocolate to make it through December (especially in kindergarten).  Here is an adorable jar of Hershey Kisses from Amanda’s Parties to Go.

7.  Who does not love a good pair of festive socks?  Add this tag from the Crafting Chicks, I am sure your teammates will love them.

8.  Fun Squared offers the gift of practicality that every teacher needs.  This tag is great for a roll of wrapping paper or a bag of bows that your teacher friends will so appreciate.

Easy & Fun Christmas Gifts for your Teaching Team.

9.  Bake a sweet treat like cookies or a loaf of bread, attach this cute tag and say Merry Christmas from Lil Luna.

10.  Bundt Cake.  Enough said.  Thank you Skip to My Lou for making it so adorable.

11.  A great way to spend the holiday break: a new fleece blanket, two weeks off, and some Netfilx.  Give your teacher friends a new fleece blanket with this tag from Let’s Get Together.

12.  Teachers LOVE flair pens. So get your teaching friends some new flair pens and use this little tag from Teaching With Haley O’Conner.

Easy & Fun Christmas Gifts for your Teaching Team.

Hopefully you found some great ideas to help tell your teaching team that you appreciate them and wish them a very merry Christmas.  Happy holidays friends.



  1. Sandy

    Thank you so much for the cute ideas. I am using these for my secret santa and am so excited! I am not very crafty, but these are effortless, affordable, and oh so adorable 🙂

  2. The Ginger Teacher

    Thanks for the helpful list. I only have a few days left I’m so not organised!!! Help!

    I will definitely be using some of these ideas thank you


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