Easy Spider Craft for Fall

Spider craft for fall ideas for kindergarten! Itsy bitsy spider craft kids can make for fall or an insect study. These little spiders and webs are as easy to make as they look…

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Easy Spider Craft for Fall

Can you believe fall is in the air? My kids are headed back to school which means I’ll have a little more time to plan crafts. I know that their backpacks will be full of cute art projects themed after the fall months. Apples, leaves and school buses will be replaced with pumpkins, scarecrows and spiders. I love every craft that makes it’s way home from school but I can’t keep them all! My favorites are the art projects that can double as seasonal decorations around the house. This spider craft is really as easy as it looks and is a fun fall decoration to hang on the refrigerator at home.


  • Orange construction paper cut into circles 5″ in diameter.
  • Black construction paper cut into thin strips 1″ in length and circles 1″ in diameter.
  • Glue
  • White yarn
  • Scissors
  • Paintbrush for glue
Easy Spider Craft for Fall

Each spider web and spider will use one orange circle, one black circle, 8 strips of black paper, 18″ of yarn, and glue.

Art Activity

  1. Each child gets one orange circle for the background, one black circle for the spider’s body, eight legs, and yarn for the web.
  2. Start by spreading glue across the orange circle.
  3. Place the yarn on the wet glue in any pattern.
  4. While the glue dries begin assembling the spider. Glue the eight legs to the back of the black circle. Add another dot of glue to the back of the spider and put it on the yarn web.
  5. Let the spiders and webs dry on a flat surface. When they’re dry hang them up for a fun fall decoration!
Easy Spider Craft for Fall
Easy Spider Craft for Fall
Easy Spider Craft for Fall

Every Spider is Different

There have been times when my kids have brought home the same art project as a sibling did years earlier. They always have a little bit of the personality of the child that made them.

When my kids and I sit down to do this craft I know that my oldest daughter will meticulously glue the web to create a pretty winding pattern. My oldest son will try to make his spider web as spooky as possible, possibly adding a few extra creatures to his art while my youngest son will be so excited to make the craft that he’ll rush through the web part and place his cute little spider just so. And my youngest daughter? She’ll tire of the glue right away and ask someone to do the project for her so she can play pretend with her new spider. I can imagine a classroom full of these spiders reflecting the personality of all the little artists!

Easy Spider Craft for Fall
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