Free Cut and Paste Counting and Number Recognition Activity

Counting and number recognition are important concepts for little ones. Grab this free Cut and Paste Counting and Number Recognition Activity to help.

Counting is an essential part of developing number sense for our kiddos. At some point, every one of my children has pretended to count objects.

And it would sound something like this, ” 1, 2, 5, 8, 3, 10….Mom, did you hear? I counted to 10.”

To move from those fun beginning stages, our counting instruction must focus on counting in order (can’t say 2, 5, 8)! Sometimes it is as easy as singing songs, or just chanting our way to 10, 20 or even 100.

After helping children remember the correct order number, it is time for one – to -one correspondence training. We count bears, days on the calendar, pattern blocks, posters in the hallway, mailboxes as we are driving and so much more. We guide those precious hands so that they don’t count the same object three times, and don’t randomly go from one object to the next.

And finally, we put it all together. Not only are we asking children to correctly count objects, but we also want them to recognize the number they counted too.

It can be quite a challenge, but the satisfaction of conquering it is worth the effort.

If your little ones are close to mastering this important skill, this sheet is perfect for you.

Cut and Paste Counting and Number Recognition Activity

Free Cut and Paste Counting and Number Recognition Activity

This simple activity focuses on many skills.

  1. First, the children cut out the squares that the birds are in. (fine motor skills)
  2. Next, they get to count the birds. (counting)
  3.  Finally, they glue them under the correct number (number recognition)

Prep – Work

Free Cut and Paste Counting and Number Recognition Activity

First, print off cut and paste sheets.

Next, pages four six and eight have the pieces that the children need to cut out. Each page has three sets of answers. Cut in between each set! You get to save paper this way.

Provide glue and scissors.

This activity goes well with

How to Use

Now comes the fun part. Counting.

The children count the birds in each square. When they have the answer, it is time to move onto the next skills.

Number Recognition

Once they have figured out how many birds there are, the children find that number and glue the birds under that number.

Free Cut and Paste Counting and Number Recognition Activity

Enjoy counting with your little ones.




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