Free Digital Addition Activities for Kindergarten

Do you struggle to find great addition activities to practice math fluency with your students? Look no further! Here’s a sample from our endless bundle of digital addition activities. So you can try it out with your students and see if it’s a good fit for their learning needs. It’s fun, engaging, interactive, and reinforces key number sense and addition skills. Keep reading to grab your Free Digital Activity!

Whether you are using Google Classroom or Seesaw, finding the right digital activities for your kindergarten or first grade classrooms can be tricky.

We created our Digital Addition Activities for you to practice combining numbers in a variety of instructional ways with digital manipulatives with your students.

Grab free Digital Addition Activities at the bottom of this page!

Learn more about Digital Addition Activities:

Setting the foundation for a strong number sense is an important skill in early elementary. These activities were designed to help reinforce combining numbers and understanding part-part-whole. Students love the fun activities with consistent visual directions, and teachers love the low-prep and easy to assess the design.

Each interactive file practices addition concepts for numbers to 10! With 7 different activities on each file to really reinforce number sense and build addition fluency. The interactive digital manipulatives help practice the concept of addition vs. memorization of math facts.

All of our digital files have consistent visual directions in the sidebar. This provides consistent support as to what is expected on each page.

The first two slides are solving an addition problem by either moving the number pieces or typing the sum. Students have picture support to help them solve. Then the third slide has moveable cubes to help support students as they solve for the sum.

Then students can click and drag different addition problems to the correct sum. This reinforces making a whole with three different numbers to 10. Students also get to practice using a number line to solve with virtual manipulatives.

When you get this free file, it will contain links to copy the activities from our library to yours. Just click the links and assign like you normally do. Includes step-by-step directions with visual directions for teachers.

Grab the Free Addition Activities!

You can try this Smart Cookie Addition Digital Activity for free with your students! It’s easy, fun, engaging, and reinforces key math number sense skills. Did we mention it also reduces prep and saves you time? Go ahead and see for yourself!

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Check it out for year-long learning activities to practice addition!

Here’s what fellow teachers are saying:

“My students loved doing these assignments while doing online learning. It was great addition practice for students to be able to complete independently at home. It is also something we can use while teaching in person on the smartboard.”

“Love, love, love these activities. The consistency each month makes it easy to assign and let students work independently.”

“I love this resource. I use the google slide versions as a teaching tool and then use seesaw for independent work. Saves paper, students are engaged, predictability builds independence. Overall wonderful product. Thank you”

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