Free Writing Journals

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Free writing journals

  Free Writing Journals

 Finding the write paper for early childhood can be tricky.  And so I made this Free Writing Journal for my students.  It comes with a cute cover the kids color, scaffolded lines for the amount of writing expected through the year, and a back cover that details the writing process.  Available in my Teachers Pay Teachers store for free!
free writing journals
These journals are great for your daily writing.  You can plan and prep them by year (with a spiral spine) or by quarter (staples will work here.)  Be sure to check out our Writing Center for different ideas to make your journals more fun!
free writing journals
We also have lots of journal options that can be weaved into these journals.

This or That Writing Prompts

This or That Winter Prompts
Sometimes you students run out of ideas to write about. These This or That Writing Prompts give students a choice – do you want to write about this or that?  What I love most about these is that the topics are planned so the kids are on topic yet feel they have a choice in what they write about!  Spring, Summer, Winter, and Fall are all great options but my favorite is the Alphabet version.
Alphabet Writing Prompts

Monthly Writing Journals

kindergarten writing journals

I love these writing journals too because they give the kids rich vocabulary to work with.  Each journal has 20 pages and each page have 4 vocabulary words on it.  Students can choose which words to work with, plan a story, and then write it on the page.  These are great for your daily writing or even centers.

Monthly Writing Prompts for the Whole Year

Kids get tired of coming up with their own ideas.  And so sometimes I will give my students a paper that has the story picture on it. Writing Prompts for the Whole Year inspires a story and sometimes that helps kids to be able to focus on the writing and less on the planning and picture.

Alphabet Picture Prompts

Sometimes you want your students to write about something specific – that’s where these writing prompts were inspired from.  Alphabet Picture Prompts are quick and simple writing prompts for each letter of the alphabet.  On the day you teach the letter, put this page in your writing lesson to inspire kids to write something using that same letter.



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    I can’t wait to use your writing journals and alphabet journals. These are exactly what I have been looking for for my Kindergarteners.
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