Free Printable Adding To Five Christmas Game

This Free Printable Adding To Five Christmas Game is a great way to practice addition problems with sums that equal 3, 4, and 5!

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Some children just get it. From an early age, my oldest was adding within 5. With fingers as his manipulatives, he was constantly figuring out problems. He made up problems, I created problems, and he correctly solved them.

Along, came my second and I found out that I had to be a little more intentional. We’ve had to use ten-frames, lots of different manipulatives, and of course games. 

Through lots of exposure to add, my son was able to memorize these basic facts! Games played a large part in his memorization and understanding of addition, so I wanted to share one with you.

Adding Within Five Christmas Game

There is something about Christmas that makes old concepts feel new again, and that is what this game is designed to do. With a focus on adding addends that equal 3, 4, and 5, this game gets in extra practice with some fun thrown in.

Prep Work

This game requires very little prep!

  • First, print off the game boards and the addition cards. I would recommend printing them on card stock paper and laminating so they can be used year after year.
  • Next, cut at the addition cards.
Free Printable Adding To Five Christmas Game
  • Finally, gather up game pieces, and you are ready to go.

How to Play

Player one begins the game by drawing a card. If the card has a picture on it, the player moves to that spot.

Free Printable Adding To Five Christmas Game

If the card is an addition problem, then the child solves it. They find then move their game piece up the board until they land on that answer.

Free Printable Adding To Five Christmas Game

Next, player two draws a card and follows the same directions.

The game ends when a player has an answer that is not in front of their game piece. That player may move their game piece to the end space!!!

Games are a great way to help children memorize addition facts…and I hope this Christmas Themed Adding Within Five game does just that for your kiddos.

You’ve Got This


Free Printable Adding To Five Christmas Game



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