Halloween Must Haves for Kinder!

Nov 1, 2012 | Fall, Field Trips, Freebies, Literacy, October, Snap Cubes | 0 comments

So I admit, I am sort of sad that I am missing pumpkins while I am still on maternity leave.  Pumpkin time is literally my favorite because there are so many ways to make it academic and fun!  So here are some pumpkin activities I have posted you may be interested in!

Students will count snap cubes as they replicate themed pictures.  There are so many concepts here -counting, positional words, recording!
May be a little late to do this one, but you could still maybe do them in class that day if you provide the supplies and the kids supply the pumpkins.  This would make a great buddy activity too if you have help from older students.  This product is free!
And of course on of my favorite flyers for the year (and free)… Warning… I will eat your candy!  LOL… I have been known to let the kids share their cookies and candy with me.  It has never been a problem until last year a student told her mom that I ate all her cookies… which was not true, she just gave me ONE!  Geez!  Cute though!  LOL!  And for the record, I share with them all the time too!  LOL!
And if you are going to the pumpkin patch then this is a packet you need.
I know… I am a day late and a dollar short with this post.  So I have adjusted the prices to be half off… until I remember to set them back to normal!  =)


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