Kicked Out of Kindergarten – School Memory Linky

What do you remember about kindergarten or about the grade in which you teach?  Let’s get to know each other a little and link-up or comment below what we experienced in those first critical years!  I’ll go first!

Well… I was enrolled in Catholic Kindergarten… the same school my entire family had gone to for ages.  As a matter of fact, the picture above is the same tree photo most others in my family have!  Little did they know know that Jenni was coming – you can sort of see it in my eyes!

I remember… in no particular order:

  • Biting a child’s finger because he asked me to do it.
  • Running and trying to climb the fence to escape… a lot!
  • Kicking and screaming because they took my pillow away during nap time.
  • Going to the office… a lot more!
  • Having to be pulled from the playground kicking and screaming because I did not want to go in.
  • Having to apologize to the office staff for being bad on a regular basis.
  • And oh yeah… being REALLY mad at my mom because one night at an event she would not let me have any fruit salad!
Needless to say… I was kicked out of Catholic kindergarten and now I am a kindergarten teacher!  
Too funny if you ask me!  Did I learn anything… this I am not sure!  When I moved schools, my new teacher’s name was Mrs. Fox… which I just now realized is going to be my son’s kindergarten teacher’s name this very year!  (Exciting!)  I remember reading books in this class… she had an amazing fort-type library that we got to climb up to go read in.  I also remember doing sight words for some reason… random huh!  They were on rectangular red cards and she would just flash them to us!

What was your kindergarten experience like?

What do you remember?  Comment below.

Hopefully we will get some great stories!

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