Letter Naming Fluency & Small Group Strategy!

Sep 29, 2013 | Freebies, Literacy, Management, Reading, Teacher Wisdom, TpT in Action | 5 comments

Students have some great letters below their belts and are ready to start reading for fluency!  It’s never too soon right?  So here are some resources and ideas to get your kids reading letters more fluently!

How about a freebie first?  Have you downloaded my Letter Naming Fluency Practices Pages yet?  One page for every school month with plenty of letters to read!

We practice these all day every day!  Here’s some ideas on what to do with them:
1.  Read them to yourself.
2.  Read them to a partner:
one person points, the other reads OR one person reads and the other records
3.  Read them a as a class.  We all start at the same spot and read chorally
4.  Circle the upper case, cross out the lower case
5.  Assessments for progress monitoring
6.  Homework
This has been so popular that I have made you some additional resources to use to support Letter Naming Fluency!
Included is:
1.  Additional fluency pages
2.  A homework calendar where students can track with their family their speed.
3. 8 Roll and Read pages!  Roll a dice and read the line.  These make a great center!
4.  And small group reading cards.  These are my favorite!  Keep reading to see how I use them!   (Amazing strategy you can use with so many other concepts!)
So here’s the gold for the post!  My small group reading strategy that will change your life!

I use this strategy with EVERYTHING!  Sight words, letters, sentences towards the end of the year!  It’s amazing how just adding an element of fun can make kids all give 100% effort!  You must try!

Ok. I am off to watch some Sunday night TV!  I still miss Deperate Housewives every Sunday! Sigh!


  1. Susan Sall

    I love your materials but I’m having trouble downloading the letter naming fluency packs. Can you send me a link please?

  2. Veronica

    I love this! I am a homeschooling mama, but I know this would be great for my son. Reading letters will give him extra practice and confidence. He will also feel really cool 😉 Thanks for sharing!

  3. learningmyself

    Omgoodness what a great and fun idea! I think the kids will love this! Anything fast paced! Thanks for your ideas !! Amy 🙂

  4. Sylvia Parker

    This looks great! Can’t wait to use it with my class. Thank you.


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