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How Long Can You Stretch a Peep? Peeps STEM for Kids

Looking for a fun science experiment to do with your Kinders that’s hands-on and engaging? We’ve got you covered with this FREE STEM activity! Get your How Long Can You Stretch a Peep printable below.

How Long Can You Stretch a Peep? Peeps STEM for Kids

Aren’t Peeps just the most adorable things? I’ll admit, I’m not a fan of eating them, but using them for kids science activities is always fun! My kids and I have microwaved Peeps, melted Peeps in liquid, and made homes for the cute little chicks and bunnies out of candy. Today we’re doing our first ever measuring activity with them. Packs of these sugar covered marshmallows come with several bunnies, making them a perfect tool for classroom centers.

My own Kindergartner recently did Valentine’s Day themed centers. I helped kids count candy hearts, squish pink oobleck, and engineer toothpick structures with gummy hearts while they waited for their pink cupcakes to bake. (Yes, they mixed the batter and scooped it into the pan themselves!) My daughter’s teacher always has cute centers planned and Valentine’s Day was definitely a favorite for the kinders.


Kindergarten STEM

I realized something while helping in the kindergarten classroom that day. STEM can be incorporated into a child’s education at almost any age, and they don’t even know they’re learning! While we watch them squish slime as a sensory activity, or build a structure out of plastic cups, we know they’re learning, but they just call it play. How amazing is that? If I could see work as play I think I’d get a lot more done! Okay, I admit, most of my work is play. 😉 Like today, with this measuring Peeps activity!

How long can you stretch a PEEP? PEEPS springSTEM activity for Kindergarten.


PEEPS Bunnies


Rolling Pin

Printable Graph


Set up the center with a printable for each child and a couple of marshmallow bunnies to share. Kids can also share a ruler. You can get your printable by clicking the button below.


Start by having kids measure the current size of the bunny. Hint: This is already on the printable so really they can just see if their findings measure up correctly.

Next, have one child stretch the bunny by using the rolling pin. Now everyone measures the bunny and adds their findings to the graph.

Kindergarten math activity using PEEPS marshmallow bunny.

Each child can have a turn rolling the bunny. Once it can’t be rolled out anymore, they’ve found the answer to the question, How Long Can You Stretch A PEEP?

Kindergarten math activity using PEEPS marshmallow bunny.

The last step is to graph the new length of the bunny and see the difference. Kids can see on the graph how much the bunny has grown for their PEEPS STEM activity.

How long can you stretch a PEEP? PEEPS springSTEM activity for Kindergarten.

How long can you stretch a PEEP? PEEPS spring STEM activity for Kindergarten.
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