Measuring Pipe Cleaners

There is no better way to learn about measurement than with a hands-on activity. You typically don’t need many supplies. Just grab a ruler and you’re ready to go.

Today, we’re going to add another simple element that you can use for so many fun measurement activities. What are we going to add? We’re adding some simple pipe cleaners.

Let’s start measuring!

Set up your activity

You’ll need a handful of pipe cleaners, some scissors and a ruler.

The pipe cleaners that I have measure 12 inches, so that will be the longest pipe cleaner you can have. This is good since that is the length of your ruler.

Next, cut your pipe cleaners into different lengths. Use your ruler to make sure they are the correct lengths. You’ll want one each from 1 inch to 12 inches.

That’s all it takes. It’s so easy to prep!

Measuring Pipe Cleaners

Ways to use your pipe cleaners

You can use these activities in many ways.

Set up an easy math center with the pipe cleaners and a ruler. The kids can measure each one and record the measurements in their math notebook.

Play an estimation game. Can you choose which pipe cleaner might be 12 inches long? Which one looks to be about one inch long?

Measuring Pipe Cleaners

Sort the pipe cleaners from longest to shortest or sort them from shortest to longest.

Ask your students to find different lengths of pipe cleaners. Can they find the 3-inch long pipe cleaner? They’ll need to use their ruler and detective skills to find the correct pipe cleaner.

For a large group activity, give one pipe cleaner to each kid. Have them work together to stand in the order of longest to shortest or from shortest to longest.

Do you have any more fun ideas to add to this measuring pipe cleaners list?

Measuring Pipe Cleaners
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