No More Classroom Cupcakes… We Can Do This!

Yes you read the title correctly… no more cupcakes at school for me! ¬†Our nutrition department this year visited at back to school and gave us an approved list of things to eat and guess what… those delicious cupcakes and sugary frosted cookies were not on it! I totally thought it was a conspiracy!

No More Classroom Cupcakes - Flyer and Alternatives

So I posted on my fanpage… my frustration and love for cupcakes. ¬†Both sides of the coin were fairly represented by you all and I have to admit.. I started to really understand what exactly the point was! ¬†I am not a health nut or healthy by any means but I realized.. is that what I want for my own son? No!

So, No More Classroom Cupcakes!

OK… imagine… I have 24 kids in my class… we get 24 sets of cupcakes every year! ¬†That’s about a set of cupcakes every 2 weeks if you evenly spread them out along the days they are in school!

I looked up a Walmart cupcake and they have anywhere from 20-28 fat grams!!!! ¬†Wowsers! That’s not even talking about sugar and all that other stuff in them that get’s them wired. ¬†And we all know they don’t really eat the cupcakes and only want the rings but still!

So here are some of the solutions my readers came up with!

– ¬†Fruits and vegetables… they don’t get enough as it is so why not. ¬†As a teacher I can tell you kids love ¬†them and it appears by their reactions they don’t get enough at home!

– ¬†School supplies… that’s right what kids would not love a new box of crayons or a new pencil. ¬†All are available at the dollar store and the really need them!

– Trinkets… why not? ¬†Let them bring in those little party trinkets! ¬†Quickly pass them out and be done with it. ¬†We all know when they get those cupcakes they are more concerned about the ring on top anyways so why not just skip the cupcake and go for the cheap toy!

– Necessities… again.. what kid would not love a new toothbrush! ¬†Just saying… for the price of cupcakes you could spend the same at the dollar store and get kids something they really need!

I hardly think any child will complain about getting something new! ¬†I think that’s going to be key too… just getting started on it and setting that norm!

We wanted to share the flyer with you.  We give it to you in a traditional PDF you can print and use as well as an editable PDF.  Using Adobe you can change the words on the letter.

No More Cupcakes Flyer. Send this flyer home to inform your families and give them some ideas for celebrating birthdays.

Hope everyone is having a great day!

No More Classroom Cupcakes - Flyer and Alternatives

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