Paper Plate Christmas Ornaments

These Paper Plate Christmas Ornaments are a great whole class activity combining fine motor skills with Christmas crafts!

Paper Plate Christmas Ornaments

This activity works well with these resources:

These paper plate Christmas ornaments are always lots of fun for Kinders to make. They focus on fine motor skills so can easily be slotted into your center rotations and linked to the curriculum goals while still getting to enjoy Christmas crafts!  This activity can easily be completed as a whole group activity and is relatively mess-free.

What you need to make Paper Plate Christmas Ornaments

Paper Plate Christmas Ornaments supplies

When it comes to Christmas crafts we often end up spending a lot of our own money on supplies, so it’s nice to try to keep the costs down. In some schools, it works to ask parents to donate some Christmas items for your craft box too (although this works better in some schools than others). For this activity, the items needed are reasonably cheap.

  • 1 packet of paper plates (I used large ones but you could mix up the sizes)
  • Christmas Ribbon – any kind will do. Curling ribbon could be a cheaper alternative too.
  • Large sticky dots
  • Small sticky dots
  • Sticky gems
  • Hole punch

How to Make Paper Plate Christmas Ornaments

Paper Plate Christmas Ornaments feature
  1. Give each child a plain paper plate.
  2. Evenly distribute the colored dots and gems (I can foresee one child using all of them if you don’t divide them up!)
  3.  Have the children stick the dots and gems on their paper plates
    paper plate christmas ornaments in process 1
  4. Once the children have completed their paper plate, they need to punch a hole in the top of the paper plate.
  5. (assistance may be needed) – Tie a piece of ribbon through the hole in the plate.
  6. Decorate your room!

These are the designs that we made;

Large Sticky Dots – we decided to only use red and green dots for this one but that’s a personal choice.

Paper Plate Christmas ornaments large spots

Small Sticky Dots – we went for the rainbow effect here!

Paper Plate Chrstmas Ornament small dots

Sticky Gems – This one is always a favorite. Definitely ration the gems as they will use them all if you let them!

paper plate Christmas ornaments adhesive beads

The advantage of this activity is that it’s easy to extend the activity for those who finish quickly. They can make a different design, they could come up with their own design, paint the ornaments, color one in, etc  – there are so many options.

These paper plate Christmas ornaments look great displayed around the classroom, either stuck on a large wall or hanging on some string around the classroom. If you make these make sure you pop into the Simply Kinder Facebook group and show us!

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