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Pot of Gold Syllable Sort Activity

Are you looking for a fun literacy center for St. Patrick’s Day? This Free Pot of Gold Syllable Sort Activity is a great way for children to practice identifying the number of syllables in words. Download the FREE printable by entering your email at the bottom of this post. OR if you’re a member of Simply Kinder +, you can download the freebie directly here!

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How To Play The Pot of Fold Syllable Sort Activity:

Lee, Lenny, and Liam the Leprechauns are searching for pots of gold. Lee wants pots of gold filled with one-syllable words, Lenny wants pots of gold filled with two-syllable words, and Liam wants pots of gold filled with three-syllable words. Can you help these lucky leprechauns find their treasure?


  • Pot of Gold Syllable Sort printables  (keep scrolling to download)
  • Printer
  • White card stock or paper
  • Scissors


  • Print the Pot of Fold Syllable Sort printables on card stock or paper.
  • Laminate the picture cards and syllable mats for extra durability.
  • Cut the cards and mats apart
  • Mix the picture cards together and stack them into a pile.
  • Lay the syllable mats out on the working surface or tape them onto lunch bags.


Children will…

  1. Select a card from the pile and identify the picture.
  2. Count how many syllables are in the word.
  3. Place the picture card on the matching syllable mat.

For example, a child selects the card with the football picture on it. He or she identifies the word that has two syllables and places it on the mat with the leprechaun holding the Two Syllables sign.

This download includes 3 pages (with 6 cards on each page) of picture cards, 3 syllable mats, and a cover if you want to turn this activity into a file folder game.

The picture cards include:

One syllable- cat, cow, barn, hat, leaf, and key

Two syllables- apple, monster, football, zebra, doughnut, and rocket

Three syllables- umbrella, hamburger, astronaut, alien, elephant, and dinosaur

This St. Patrick’s Day themed Pot of Gold Syllable Sort Activity is perfect for literacy centers or early finishers. It is also a fun and festive way to celebrate the upcoming holiday in your classroom.

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